Noah explains his plan for world repopulation to his sons.
John D. Mann/Mia Inderbitzin

“… So most of your volume will come from just two or three strong legs. It’s really about leadership. And listen, this is important: you wanna keep your groups separate. It’s best not to have a lot of crossline communication. You’ll wanna think about doing a convention, but that can wait …”

Magic Square by Infinite Mind

Magic Square is like a brisk morning walk or jog for the mind:
it makes you feel better (and think better) all day long.

Instructions: The goal of the Magic Square is to fill in the board with the numbers 1 to 16 in such a way that any group of numbers (vertical, horizontal or diagonal) equals 34. Each number can be used only once. The bar below each puzzle displays the remaining numbers you can use. First try puzzle A, which is an easier version of puzzle B.

Puzzle Answers