When your team experiences a success, what do you do? Do you ignore these wins, automatically working toward the next goal without acknowledging what has been achieved? Do you share a quick “congratulations” or “good job” and then head back to your own agenda?

In our fast-paced, 24/7 world, it’s all too easy to place immediate focus on the next task at hand and forget to stop and reflect on what has been accomplished. But if you ignore the wins of your team, you miss a vital opportunity not only to inspire your team toward even greater successes, but also to strengthen your own personal leadership brand in the process.

It’s also easy to think that money is all that motivates people in network marketing, but that is far from true. While everyone wants to make money, study after study shows that recognition for a job well done is a top motivator for businesspeople and entrepreneurs alike. It strengthens team member loyalty toward the company and brings a feeling of connection to the home-based business owner, who often has to rely on building relationships long distance. After all, wouldn’t you prefer to be part of a company that celebrates wins and helps you feel like a winner—especially if you feel a bit isolated from your business partners?

But how is this important for your own individual brand? Your personal leadership brand is defined as the way others perceive, think and feel about you as a leader, and it can make or break your success. It impacts your image, your reputation, your relationships, your performance and your ability to retain team members as well as gain new ones.

As a result, it will also affect your overall career as a network marketer, which, of course, has a direct impact on your finances. So if you gloss over your team members’ successes without recognition, what does that say about you as a leader? How do you think team members perceive, think and feel about a leader who doesn’t seem to appreciate their efforts? Those perceptions also reflect on the company as a whole, and that kind of downward spiral can mean the loss of some of your best team members. This hurts everyone on your team and harms your reputation with the company.

Here are the top ten reasons why celebrating wins is important for you, your team, your company and for building up your own leadership brand:

1. Celebrating wins reminds your team to keep striving, even if the economy has caused sales to slow down. What motivates them to stay in the business during the rough times and not give up? Recognition for what they’re doing well, of course!

2. Celebrating wins reminds you that a planned, focused goal-setting process works. You set the goal, create the strategies to achieve it and reach the outcomes you want. This not only delivers good results, but it inspires your team to set goals in other areas of their lives as well.

3. Celebrating wins motivates your team to continue delivering good results. Team members who feel appreciated and know their efforts become even more productive in their individual businesses.

4. Celebrating wins unifies the team around a positive outcome. If there are members of your team who are struggling to get along, reminding them that they have achieved a common goal helps bring them together. It motivates those who are having difficulties to strive harder for the good of the team.

5. Celebrating wins reminds the team that they work for a winning organization. People want to work for winners! One of the greatest morale-builders a leader can offer network marketers is the knowledge that they work for a successful company, even if—especially if—there are other areas where the company might be struggling.

6. Celebrating wins forces you and your team to concentrate on the positive rather than the negative. Even if your company has taken some hits in the down economy, there are still wins you can celebrate. Give your team a boost by celebrating and reminding them that good things are still happening for the company. Are there new exciting products being offered or developed? Are some of the products’ sales achieving steady growth or maintaining strong numbers?

7. Celebrating wins builds momentum for you and your team. When a team celebrates a success, everyone is reminded that their ability to reach one specific goal indicates just how close they are to achieving even greater goals.

8. Celebrating wins gets you away from mundane, day-to-day tasks. No matter how briefly, changing your team’s mindset from “work” to “celebration” gives both you and your team renewed positive energy for advancing the business.

9. Celebrating wins allows you to connect with other colleagues in a way that is not just work-related. It helps you to build a more personal connection with your team—even if you can’t celebrate face-to-face. This is another great way to boost your personal leadership brand.

10. Celebrating wins allows you to reward specific team members. When you’re clear about what went well—specifying names, dates, great ideas and the actual goals that were met or exceeded—you not only legitimize the celebration, but you show your team exactly how they can earn similar celebrations in the future.

It’s important to celebrate wins in a timely fashion. If you wait too long to recognize someone, the impact of the celebration will be lost. Make sure you commemorate good work as quickly as possible.

As a leader, it’s your job to keep your team motivated toward growth for the good of everyone involved. Celebrating wins is a great way to do that and has the terrific side effect of boosting your own personal leadership brand at the same time.

BRENDA BENCE, branding expert and certified
executive coach, is the author of
How YOU™
Are Like Shampoo, a start-to-finish book for defining,
communicating and taking control of your
personal brand at work. After graduating from Harvard
Business School, Brenda developed mega brands for
Procter & Gamble and Bristol-Myers Squibb. She now
travels the world speaking, training and coaching
on corporate and personal brand development.