International airlines are in bankruptcy, the financial system is in shambles and governments are printing billions of dollars in worthless currency trying to prop up failed economies. It’s a time of great challenge—yet a time of great opportunity. Investments that seemed like a safe bet just a few years ago are uncertain.

I knew the world had changed forever when I visited an eco-preserve in Phuket, Thailand, last year. While waiting for a chance to ride an elephant through the rainforest, I got a chance to view a monkey-training show. What happened there was nothing short of amazing: monkeys were being trained to harvest coconuts from the trees—making human workers no longer necessary.

Chalk up yet one more job on the endangered species list, along with travel agents, video store clerks, autoworkers, and dozens of other occupations.

Could your job be next? And how will all this affect the profession of network marketing?

Bailout plans, real estate bubbles, government debt meltdowns, and lightning-fast changes in technology have made millions of jobs obsolete and changed the economy forever. Some of the most important jobs in 2015 haven’t even been invented yet. How can we prepare ourselves for the emerging economy?

The Danger of Playing It Safe

What was once considered secure is now perilous. People around the world are hoarding that last bit of savings and waiting for things to return to the way they were. That will never happen again. Getting a job with a big company and thinking you’ll retire there has become a very risky bet.

There are still thousands of subprime mortgages yet to come due. Governments have spent billions of dollars, Euros, pesos and pounds in bailout packages that will have to be repaid sometime. Thousands of banks and other financial institutions have gambled with risky derivatives that are time bombs waiting to explode.

Despite all the government bailouts, bank write-offs and corporate restructuring, there are still more financial shock waves to come. Consumer debt is skyrocketing. Even if you’re debt-free, this black hole of debt threatens your own wealth, too. This crisis has been in the making for half a century, and it’s not going to go away overnight. Consumer dependence on easy credit has created another bubble that’s about to burst.

Yet playing it safe is the riskiest thing you can do in the new economy. Waiting for the stock market to rebound, the real estate bubble to reform or the government to save you are not viable plans.

Before things get better, more jobs will be lost, more retirement accounts will be vaporized, more people counting on Social Security and pension funds will be left in the cold. But you don’t have to be the next victim. In fact, it is during times like these that the greatest opportunities to create wealth arise.

Create Your Own Wealth

As history has shown, it is during difficult economic times that network marketing prospers. In fact, I believe twenty years from now, we will look back on 2010, 2011 and 2012 as “the golden era” of network marketing.

Here’s why. Millions of people who were not candidates for our business even a few years ago are candidates today. And millions more will become candidates in the next few years. They are quickly discovering that safe is the new risky, and the new safe is taking care of your own financial security.

This is the message we must tell people. You can protect yourself and your loved ones. You can create financial freedom, and retire young, rich and worry-free. But you have to take charge of your own destiny and create your own prosperity. This is the secret to becoming free.

For more than twenty years now I have been studying the laws of prosperity. They indicate that there are still plenty of opportunities to live well and even create wealth today—and our profession is the perfect platform upon which to do so. To succeed in the new economy, practice these four steps:

1. Avoid debt. We are the most leveraged society in human history. You can’t borrow your way to prosperity. Live within your means; if you don’t have money for something, don’t buy it. Drop the cable TV and invest in your business instead.

2. Create a cash flow business. In the new economy, cash flow is king. When you have cash flow, you can weather any storm, survive any downturn, and capitalize on any economic fluctuation. Keep your regular job or business, but supplement your income with a part-time network marketing business.

3. Invest your cash flow. Once you have your cash flow business in operation, put that money to work for you. There are countless bargains out there right now in real estate, the stock market and even traditional businesses. People with cash are in the driver’s seat. Take your cash flow and leverage it to create even better cash flow. Then you’re leveraging your leverage.

4. Commit to lifelong learning. In our business, your income grows as fast as you do. You can go anywhere in the world and create solid residual income. Concentrate on learning people skills and become proficient at meeting people, working a candidate list, inviting, presenting and follow-up. As your people skills develop, so will your leadership. If you make the commitment to learning the skill sets of a network marketing professional, you can be sure you will never worry about finances again.

In order to create wealth, when others are zigging, you want to be zagging. Be a contrarian. While others are playing it safe, hoping for the economy to change, you must be bold and proactive. Take charge of your own destiny and know that times of change offer the greatest financial opportunities.

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