Prosperity is the direct result of adding value to the marketplace. To achieve prosperity, we must know what our market is and what kind of value we can add. One does not go from making $10 an hour to $100 an hour simply by working hard. One must know what his or her particular market sees as value, and provide that.

What is the marketplace for network marketing? It is almost the entire world, including anyone looking for:

That’s a huge marketplace!

So what is the key to your enjoying prosperity as well as creating a more prosperous world? It’s knowing the value others are looking for. What if you had an Aladdin’s lamp that could provide you with that knowledge and thus the prosperity you are looking for? I have the closest thing to it. It is a formula called want—problem—solution. This formula must be followed in that particular order.

The first phase is discovering what a person wants; you are not allowed to go further until you are clear about that. Do you know how rarely this happens in prospecting conversations? Go to almost any networking function, and you’ll find people shoving their cards into everybody’s hands and describing their product or opportunity. That’s backwards! Take the time first to find out what a person wants or what really matters to him or her. This is an art and a skill in itself, and one you may have to learn, because some people don’t know what matters to them. Others are afraid to tell you. Others are afraid even to want because they have been discouraged.

Once you know what matters to people and what they want to create, ask them what their problem is in creating it. Even if you don’t agree with what they believe it is, accept their answer.

Only at this point are you allowed to ask if they are interested in a solution. Now they will spend time and money to find the solution they are looking for, and you will have the opportunity to share your network marketing product or business.

Solving problems is how you create prosperity. Teaching others how to solve problems creates an exponential amount of prosperity. That is network marketing, and that is why, when it is done correctly, network marketing professionals can create a much more prosperous world for themselves and others.

Remember this fail-proof formula of want—problem—solution and be the creator of your and others’ prosperity.

BRIAN KLEMMER is founder of Klemmer & Associates,
a company which has produced results with clients
such as ITT Sheraton, Hewlett Packard, American
Suzuki Motor Corporation, as well as network
marketing companies. Brian is author of
If How-To’s
Were Enough, We’d All Be Skinny, Rich and
Happy and
The Compassionate Samurai.