Isn’t it ironic that one of the most organic, common-sense, low-risk business opportunities in existence seems to elicit the greatest resistance in some people?

Personally, I find network marketing to be one of the most effective, ethical and rewarding vehicles for increasing prosperity in people’s lives. Yet many people who get started and for whom the opportunity doesn’t pay off conclude that the business doesn’t work.

This is completely understandable. We all make up stories to support our decisions. To protect my team against negativity and disappointment, I teach a Do No Harm philosophy, where everyone wins to the degree that they choose to commit themselves.

One of the foundations for building a successful business is belief, yet in the mind of the inexperienced networker, this foundation can easily be eroded by the phenomenon of attrition. If the majority of those who join quit or don’t perform, there must be something wrong with the model.

Truth is, this has nothing to do with a flaw in the system. Our business requires a mindset most people aren’t used to: we have no boss, no schedule, no accountability except to ourselves. Time freedom is attractive, but also challenging, in that we need to constantly take initiative in order to see results.

My Do No Harm principle is founded on the fact that, due to its low risk/reward ratio, network marketing is one of the safest entrepreneurial ventures anyone can get involved in. Therefore, there is no harm in truthfully presenting it to others. Sure, everyone will experience your offer in a different way. Some might smile and say, “No, thank you,” and decide not to get involved. This is part of the sorting process of finding the right candidates.

Do No Harm means understanding that our job is to have unwavering belief in what we do, share our story of how it’s worked for us and find out what the other person’s needs are. Based on these needs, we offer a variety of choices: becoming a customer, referring others, building a part-time business or going full-time. While we have our goals, we graciously accept at whatever level each person chooses to engage with us.

Even if someone comes in with the intention of building a rock star income, and for some reason doesn’t make it, if you come from a Do No Harm mindset, you have peace in your heart knowing that your job was simply to offer, and as long as you didn’t overpromise or create unrealistic expectations, you’ve done no harm.

It all comes down to “doing the right thing in the right way for the right reasons,” my operating philosophy for building a sustainable business. The flip side of Do No Harm is that by authentically presenting our product and opportunity, we empower others to change their lives forever. The success stories and the parade of benefits I see when I visit my leaders, from lavish homes to luxury cars to freedom lifestyles and charitable involvement, humble and inspire me every day to continue spreading the word about our business to anyone who is ready for more.

DONNA JOHNSON has been a top earner
and mentor in network marketing for 33 years.
She lives in Arizona, Wisconsin and Jamaica, but also
finds time to travel the world and visit the
orphanages she and her team support.