Throughout the world, people everywhere have dreams of success and prosperity. In America, many of us were raised with the thought that anything is possible if we just work hard enough and seize the right opportunities.

Did I hear anyone say “opportunity”? Look at what just knocked on your door! Network marketing has been around in the U.S. for more than fifty years and continues today to create new millionaires worldwide each year. The reason I believe network marketing is such a fabulous opportunity is that it does not discriminate. Regardless of our gender, race, religious background or education, in our business we all start at the same place. We all have the same chance to create prosperity. To me, that is opportunity at its finest.

For a long time, I thought opportunity happened in life based on whom you come into contact with. I don’t know about you, but I was not offered one of the original McDonald’s franchises, and Bill Gates never called me to invest in his business during the early years of Microsoft. Fortunately for me, though, my babysitter’s parents thought enough of me to approach me about joining their network marketing company.

Like many people, I did not see the opportunity at first. I said no to them and declined their invitation five separate times. Thanks to their persistence, I eventually agreed to attend a meeting. Four years and millions of dollars later, I am grateful they didn’t stop inviting me to look at their network marketing opportunity. Today, I love being a networking professional.  

How do you define prosperity? For some, an income of $50,000 a year is considered wealthy. For others, it may be $100,000 a year, $500,000 a year, or even a million dollars a year. In many countries, $20,000 a year makes you wealthy. What if you could help families in these countries earn an extra $300 a week? Would that make a difference in their lives?

No matter what wealth looks like for you, no matter what your goals are, it is more than possible to attain them in our business. Talk about contributing to global prosperity! 

People all over the world today are hungry for opportunity. I believe it is our duty to be the best network marketers we can be. The world needs us, especially in the worldwide economic upheaval we live in today.

My own story of how I got started will always remind me that in order to succeed in our business, the single most important skill we can master is inviting. Master this skill and watch your business grow. 

ONYX COALE is a single mom with a strong
work ethic and big dreams. She joined network
marketing four years ago, and today her global
organization has grown to over 280,000 people.