Ever since I was a child, the focus of my education was always on getting a degree, finding a good job and becoming a good employee. There is nothing wrong with being an employee, but when there are too many people trained the same way and looking for jobs, we have a problem. Today there aren’t enough jobs because we have many more employees than entrepreneurs. In other words, too many people are looking for jobs instead of generating jobs.

According to the statistics, even those who have jobs are far from financially independent, and more and more people are tired of working full-time only to have barely enough money to pay their bills.

How can network marketing help to create a more prosperous world? I love this question, because I believe we have the ultimate answer.

Most people start a network marketing business with the expectation of generating additional income but soon realize that the business gives them much more than that. Network marketing gives them the chance to work from home, become an entrepreneur, to own a business with a very small investment and achieve financial freedom.

In network marketing, regardless of your background, degree or experience in business, everyone has the same chance to win and become wealthy. Yet one of the most important and unexpected gifts of our profession is the opportunity it offers to learn about success, prosperity and leadership—principles we can apply not only in our business but also in every aspect of our life.

All these principles together can create a better you. Without a doubt, our business can create not only a more prosperous world, by helping many people to earn additional income, but also a better world in every way, by encouraging every distributor to become a better leader. One of my favorite sayings is, “The only way to make the forest green is by making sure that every tree is green.”

My wife Hortensia and I have been active network marketers for twenty years, and we also own some traditional businesses. In network marketing we have been able to help many of our friends to became financially free. And in the traditional business? Not a single one.

If you want to become successful in network marketing, keep in mind that the only way you can win is by helping others to win, edifying your distributors and building a team based on love, trust and hard work.

If we do that, there is no doubt that together we can create a more prosperous world. The only way we can make a change in this world is by changing each of us.

With a music degree in violin and piano,
he would become a business person. Yet he joined
network marketing when he was 22 years old,
with no experience but with a big dream to became
financially free. A few years later, in the middle of the
Mexican currency devaluation, he reached the top
rank of his company. Twenty years later, he and his
family travel the world together, have thousands of
friends around the world and enjoy an incredible lifestyle