Are You a Perennialist?
Josephine Gross, Ph.D.
Statistics show that people aren't looking primarily for money when choosing a career; they are looking for meaning and they want to grow. When approaching others about your business, keep in mind that this is one of the most desirable and lasting benefits a profession can offer.

Learning Is a Full Contact Sport
Chris Brady
To get the most out of your network marketing experience, become a professional learner from day one and never stop learning. Treat your business and its training system with the intensity with which a professional athlete approaches physical training and conditioning. If an athlete is willing to put so much effort into building muscles that will last only a handful of seasons, wouldn't we want to put at least as much effort into building minds that will last a lifetime?

Think Global, Act Local
Art Jonak
When your company opens up a new market, don't just fly over there or buy a list of names and numbers to call. Instead, find local prospects who have contacts in that market. Where do you find these people? This article offers three low-cost methods to start building internationally right from where you are.

Thank God for Jobs!
Rosie Bank
Network marketers would be wise to cease being critical of people who have jobs. Instead, we could focus on learning how to articulate the advantages of combining traditional employment with owning a home-based business. This would help job seekers discover a both/and scenario that can enhance their financial situation without derailing their plans. Acknowledging the benefits of both might be the greatest gift we can offer people during changing economic times.

Find Your Leadership Edge
Joelle K. Jay
Every leader has an inner and an outer edge. Your inner edge is the "you" behind the scenes: your thoughts, motivations, aspirations, values, strengths and weaknesses. Your outer edge is the "you" that shows up in the world: your words, actions and interactions with others. Your inner and outer edges are intimately related. In order to be effective as a leader and in your life, you need to sharpen both.

Telephone Tuesdays
Tracy Monteforte
We all know making calls is vital to building relationships and following up with prospects, yet call reluctance and phone fear are one of the most common hurdles among networkers. One way to infuse your team with excitement, build phone prospecting confidence and increase production, is to choose one day to focus entirely on prospecting and make yourself available to make calls, with your team, all day long.

Step Up Your E-Networking
Jean Kelley
When a prospect is thinking about doing business with you, he or she will likely do a social- media search for you. That's why you and your company need to have a strong online presence on business networking and social media sites. In order to use these networking sites effectively, don't just be a contact collector; be a contact cultivator, have a clear purpose and add some personal flair to your profile.

More Bookshelves
John David Mann
Network marketers often wonder what traits to look for in a prospective partner. There are many answers: someone who is hungry, who "has a compelling why," who is personable, influential and hard-working. While these traits are certainly valuable, the single most important quality to grow a sustainable business is a willingness and ability to listen, learn and be coached.