Have you noticed how network marketers like to make fun of people who have a J.O.B.?

I believe it is a mistake for anyone promoting network marketing to disparage someone's choice to keep or pursue regular employment. These days, people are challenged in their careers, having seen so many jobs and industries turn to dust. Many are focused on finding a job; to seek to dissuade them from their mission would be like trying to turn a barge. Instead of trying to change their minds, why not encourage them and wish them success in their search? This is not only more ethical, it also builds a bridge.

Network marketers would be wise to cease being critical of jobs. This type of sanctimony can be disheartening to someone who is grieving the loss of his own job and wanting to find another. We would be better served focusing on becoming more fluent in articulating the advantages of combining traditional employment with owning a home-based business. This way we can help job seekers discover a both/and scenario that can enhance their financial situation without derailing their plans. Acknowledging the benefits of both might be the greatest gift we can offer people during changing economic times.

The Gift of Employment

Embracing the benefits of regular employment enables networkers to deepen their rapport with job seekers. Stepping into someone's reality and speaking his language builds trust. In addition, we can pick up valuable information from listening for and being curious about what someone is looking for in a job. Once a networker has a real sense of what a prospect is seeking, voicing encouragement and hope is a gift. Subsequently discussing the advantages of both regular employment and business ownership might be better received. You will sound more like a friend and an advisor because you are no longer arguing with the job seeker's plan.

Networkers have been wrongly taught that everything about network marketing is better than everything about regular employment. Nothing could be further from the truth. What's wrong with a steady paycheck? What's wrong with benefits? If networkers were honest with themselves, they would have to admit there are days when they would appreciate having one or both of these. Plus, if we are true to our word, aren't we in the business of helping people attain their goals? Some people are fiercely attached to finding a job. By encouraging them to achieve that, we may be more effective at opening their minds to additional solutions to their primary objective of building financial security.

When building a network marketing income takes longer than expected, new distributors often want to quit and return to the "safety" of having a job, because this is what they know. It is at this critical point that you can make a tremendous difference by helping them embrace the benefits of networking along with the predictability of a monthly paycheck.

I have found that when a new distributor can rely on the income of a regular job while building an organization, he has better chances for success. If he quits his job before having built a stable foundation for his business, he often begrudgingly goes back to his old job, feeling disheartened about having "failed" at network marketing.

Don't you want your new associates to feel more relaxed and less desperate? Sure, it is great when they are hungry, but be grateful any time someone is able to find temporary relief from his financial woes—even if it's through a different vehicle.

Flirting Versus Commitment

Learning the necessary skills to succeed in network marketing takes time. Your job is to nurture your new associate's dream—because no one will do this for him in a typical work environment. This is how you distinguish yourself and add value. The distraction of trying to find a job usually leaves people forgetting about their dreams. When someone needs money and needs it now, out the window flies the vision of a life of freedom.

Often new recruits fall in love with a product that changes lives, a compensation plan that creates millionaires and a company that is dazzlingly profitable. When you are enrolling people into your organization, help them understand that their initial infatuation can become a deep and lasting love affair only over time. Like any new romance, the commitment in the beginning is wobbly. This is normal and the leader's role is to regularly remind beginners of what they came to achieve in network marketing. If the business does not meet the new associate's highest expectations in a very short period of time, she may be at risk for leaving the opportunity, convinced that it does not work. She may go back to her previous career with disappointment, with her hopes for something more promising having been dashed forever.

Help her grasp the benefits of network marketing as something worth working for and encourage her to approach her regular job as gift while building a foundation for the business. She then becomes relaxed and more excited about the possibilities. As a leader, you can facilitate this shift in attitude and make a world of difference.

Established network marketers need to help newbies move from infatuation to a deep appreciation for what our profession offers. It's easy to walk away when we are only flirting with this opportunity. Once we learn to love and appreciate our company, our products and the way we get paid, it becomes impossible to quit. When our commitment is unconditional, we are practically destined to succeed.

A regular job is a fine solution to the challenges involved in starting a network marketing business. Plus, when someone is working a job, being able to offer coworkers another way to earn a living can be an empowering and life-changing experience in itself. This is something to love and a reason to stay in the game forever.

ROSIE BANK is a successful network
marketing leader and author of
You, Inc.:
Own Your Business, Own Your Life
through Network Marketing. She founded
Manifesting Vision International, a global
organization that provides training and
support for entrepreneurs around the world.