Born with a strong desire to empower others, I thrive when I'm helping others thrive. Thankfully, this is a key to success in network marketing.

My twenty-year journey in this business has had its bumps along the way, including some hard lessons I had to learn. The primary one was to let go. Although I wanted to make a difference in others' lives, I discovered that another's success was not my responsibility. I am in this business to teach what I have learned while allowing my team members to make their own commitments and create their success.

I learned to let go of my automatic response of rescuing others. A therapist once taught me, "If you want to rescue, volunteer at your local animal shelter." During my early years of network marketing, I thought I knew best what others might need to turn their lives around—especially if they were unclear about their goals and desires. Instead of being helpful, I enabled people to become dependent upon me.

By letting go of my expectations of others, I no longer felt betrayed when they didn't perform as I expected. I discovered network marketing was about working as a team of people with many different talents and beliefs. It was a wonderful opportunity for spiritual growth as I began honoring others by allowing them to choose what was best for them.

Today I know the magic of letting go—I even wrote a book, Letting Go to Create a Magical Life, on this point.

Not long ago, I took advantage of a discounted marketing event by purchasing two extra tickets for two team members I thought would especially benefit from the training. The first person I had in mind purchased the ticket immediately, but the second person just couldn't decide. After holding the ticket for a couple of months, I knew I needed to let go. I pondered the situation and decided to take action: I sent an email offering the discounted ticket for sale to my entire organization. Within an hour, my indecisive team member called to buy it.

Inspired action based on my personal strengths, talents and passion is the key to my success. I learned it is extremely important for a new distributor to identify why they are choosing to pursue network marketing. Network marketers first and foremost need to be self-motivated and passionate about building a business. A sponsor can encourage and mentor them, but taking action is up to them.

Over the years, I learned that besides teaching my new distributors what they need to know about the business, my ability to let go of my own agenda and be a receptive listener were the answers to attracting success-oriented members for my team.


PAT SENDEJAS is an author
and trainer with two decades of
experience in network marketing. Once owner
of an interior design firm, Pat now specializes in
Feng Shui and teaches the importance of creating
wealth through multiple streams of income.
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