"Keep it so simple that even an 8-year-old can do it!" This imperative is critical when it comes to duplication in network marketing. Yet if it were that simple, why couldn't everyone jump in and succeed?

In order to be successful in our profession, you must have strong belief—in the company and its products, in network marketing as a powerful leveraging model, and most importantly, in yourself.

Developing belief in your company comes from gaining a passion for your products and services. If you want to become a rock star recruiter, you must become your own best customer, have a compelling testimonial and exude confidence in what you are promoting. You learn this from listening to others, getting on conference calls and attending events.

From the moment my new business partners set the registration appointment with me, they learn that "leaders don't miss an event!" I heard a phrase that stuck with me:

"Not everyone attending the trainings and events is earning six figures, but everyone earning six figures attends the events!"

Next comes developing a belief that this is a real profession where real people make real money. You can't treat it as a hobby or part-time gig if you want to be truly successful.

Before I got started in network marketing, I knew nothing about the profession except that I had said I never wanted to get involved in it.

When I was presented with my opportunity, I was a teacher in need of change. Constantly in danger of losing my job due to budgetary cuts, I was looking for a more secure source of income. I decided to jump in!

I was one of the first distributors in my company; being a pioneer, I decided to learn from other network marketers who were already successful. I immediately subscribed to Networking Times, picked up books and CD's and attended generic trainings.

I am so thankful for the generosity of the leaders in our profession. Be a student of the profession and, over time, your paychecks will begin to match your efforts and your growth curve.

Developing belief in yourself is equally critical. Your confidence and posture are what sets you apart from wannabes. They are the reason people want to work with you. Invest in your personal growth and success will follow.

Because I became knowledgeable about my company and its products, became a student of my profession and grew in self-confidence, I was able to accomplish amazing things. In less than two years, at age 27, with no prior experience, I was able to develop an organization of tens of thousands of people and earn more in a month than my previous annual salary.

With the right company, a little professional development and a lot of personal development, network marketing can provide ordinary people with extraordinary results.

SARAH FAIRLESS ROBBINS is a founding distributor
and top earner in a young network marketing
company. A former educator, Sarah is passionate
about teaching others to build successful businesses.
She and her husband live in Michigan and are
supporting children through a foundation
funded by their network marketing business.