I can if I want to! This is perhaps the most important principle I have learned in my adult life. Guess what? It applies to everything we do. I can if I want to emerges naturally from a strong why. I’ve been working with this principle since the early eighties in my business consulting, and it has been reinforced time and again in my networking business.

I see people all the time who don’t get it. I’ll call them victims: victim of this, victim of that (sounds like a song). They go through life being at the effect of circumstances instead of grabbing the reigns of life and guiding the horse where they choose to go.

The truth is, we can go anywhere we want! When my want is big enough, I organize my life in a way that takes me towards my choice. When my why is big enough, I make the tough choices that turn this page of my life and take me to the next chapter.

Marshall Thurber was the guide who first opened my eyes to this possibility. Back in the early eighties I took his training, along with Robert Kiyosaki and David Neenan. I learned a thing or two about personal responsibility that continues to serve me today. I’ve watched Robert become a multi-millionaire financial expert after losing his wallet business and watched David create the first “archi-struction” business from the ground up, now building hospitals and schools to new standards. Yet I’ve seen hundreds of others who participated in this same personal development program go on to live average lives with average jobs and no dreams.

Clearly, this is not you. If you are reading this, you know you can if you want to. Our profession offers each of us the possibility to live an exceptional life. Let your why be your motivator—and let Networking University be your guide.

If your why needs strengthening, consider one of the courses in our personal development department. If your why is strong and your how-to needs strengthening, check out our professional and business development programs.

I can if I want to is my anchor as I move through life. Opportunities come my way daily. I always consider them with the end in mind, my why: “To support others in achieving their full potential and leave a financial legacy for my family.” Guided by this why, I’ve made a difference in thousands of lives and intend to affect thousands more. Because I can if I want to.

How about you? Remember, education changes everything.

Glenn Head
Dean, Networking University