Having over three decades of experience in network marketing, I believe the bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad has just written the most compelling, timely and brilliant book about our profession. The Business of the 21st Century is not only an excellent training tool for educating our team members and their supporters, it also makes for a powerful, no-hype prospecting tool, lending third-party credibility from a famous author they already know, like and trust.

Part One, Take Control of Your Future, is packed with interesting facts and statistics that demonstrate how the rules have changed, and how we’re not going back. With his I-told-you-so confidence, Robert exposes what he calls the “employment mythology” that started under the Prussian goverment, and the “employment for life” gold standard for job security that hit its peak in 1985 and has been in a decline ever since.

Part Two, One Business—Eight Wealth-Building Assets, shows how network marketing is not about generating income, it’s about building assets that create wealth. I especially appreciated the story of our second and third president, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, two of the three cocreators of the Declaration of Independence and lifelong friends who died on the same day. Because of their differing relationships to wealth, Jefferson, who came from an aristocratic background, died $100,000 in debt, while Adams, hailing from a poor farm family, was worth $100,000. (It’s not hard to detect the hand of Robert’s collaborator, Networking Times editor John David Mann, hovering in the background in some of these passages, and John’s seasoned grasp of the fine points of the business adds to the book’s value.)

The bonus chapter, A Business Where Women Excel, written by Robert’s wife Kim Kiyosaki, was one of my favorites.

Reading the third part, Your Future Starts Now, I was impressed with Robert’s Choose Wisely and What It Takes chapters. After providing the usual tips for choosing the right company, he takes an honest look at what it takes to succeed, before describing the true rewards of our profession: living in joy, peace and contentment.

The book builds to its grand finale, where Robert concludes that network marketing truly is the business of the twenty-first century. Today we are realizing as never before that wealth is not a matter of some prospering by holding others down. The future of genuine wealth lies in pioneering ways of doing business that elevate the financial well-being of all of humanity. Robert sees his personal business values reflected in network marketing, and he shows how championing these values not only feels good, it’s also good business.

I plan to reread this book, listen to the audio and incorporate the insights into the First Steps system for my organization. The Business of the 21st Century is not only a tool that delivers, it also makes me feel proud to be part of our profession.

Paperback, 121 pages, $11.97;
available at NetworkingtTmes.com