Are you ready to open to your feminine wisdom, beauty, strength and abundance? A Journey to the Awakened Feminine is a twelve-part series (available on DVD, CD and MP3) that explores ancient feminine archetypes and goddesses (Gaia, Kwan Yin, Durga, Lakshmi, Kali, Aphrodite, et al.) along with practical ways to integrate their wisdom into everyday life.

Chameli Ardagh is founder of the Awakening Women Institute and author of two books on feminine spirituality. For the past ten years, she has delivered seminars to women internationally and she is the initiator of a global network of women’s groups.

A Journey to the Awakened Feminine is an accumulation of years of in-depth studies and empowerment practices through which Chameli has personally witnessed thousands of women blossom into the full expression of their deepest truths and passion.

Here are some of the feminine aspects this extensive body of work covers:

Awakening Feminine Power: Rediscover Your Genuine Source of Clarity and Strength;
Based on the teachings of Durga, the goddess of feminine empowerment, this session teaches:

Awakening True Wealth: Happiness, Abundance and Fulfillment—the Feminine Way
By focusing on the teachings of Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance, you will learn:

Awakening the Feminine Heart: Reclaim Compassion as a Source of Strength
Transmitting the teachings of Kwan Yin, the goddess of compassion, this part will show you:

An international visionary in the field of feminine leadership, Chameli shows how the ancient wisdom of the goddess myths is highly relevant and illuminating for women today. Filled with concrete tips on how to integrate the teachings into your life (and your business) as well as guided meditations you can return to time and again, this series offers more than simply information for your mind to absorb.

By listening to Chameli’s soothing voice as she leads you through the practices, you will experience an energy shift and an expanded awareness of who you are and what will deeply fulfill you.

In A Whole New Mind, Daniel Pink says tomorrow’s leaders will be right-brain thinkers who integrate empathy, meaning, artistry and big-picture thinking. How do we develop these right-brain qualities in a left-brain-driven world? A Journey to the Awakened Feminine is an essential tool for activating whole-brain thinking and accessing the wisdom of the heart.

DVD, $25.00; CD, $15.00;
12-DVD series, $197.00;
12-CD series, $120.00;
Awakening Women Institute, 2009