One of the great things about network marketing is that you can build your business with your spouse. This is wonderful if you love each other and have a great relationship. But even if you’ve grown apart and your relationship isn’t great, building a business might actually bring you closer together, because you finally have a common interest.

When I’m talking to a couple to bring them into a business, I usually talk to the husband through the wife, because I know if he says he’s going to build the business, but she says she isn’t, they’re not going to do it. On the other hand, if she wants to do it but he doesn’t, odds are they are going to do it.

Twenty years of experience in the profession has taught me that the woman is the “barometer” of the home and the relationship. Women are about feelings, instincts and hunches. They represent the subconscious mind, and when they feel positive about something, they go for it. Men are about logic, reason and common sense. They represent the conscious mind arguing both sides of a topic, and they can talk themselves in and out of something many times over.

Many people ask us how we can work together and keep our romance alive. Our response is that if you have a relationship with someone you love and enjoy spending time with, it’s as simple as agreeing that you are now also business partners driving for the same financial goals—while at the same time knowing how to shut the business switch off. When it’s time to do so, focus on other mutual interests, such as arts, music or entertainment, and experience them together just as passionately as you do your business.

Many network marketing companies today make the mistake of catering only to the business builder in the couple while neglecting to recognize the value and efforts of the supporting partner. Typically, the man is considered the builder and the woman the support partner. However, today we are seeing an ever-increasing number of dynamic, powerful female business builders. While leaders with a passion for what they do and a vision for the future deserve recognition for their accomplishments, so do their spouses who supported them and without whose help those builders may have never achieved the results they did.

Smart companies recognize both partners for their unique contributions to the success of their business and the overall growth of the company.

The key to working successfully with your spouse is the same as the key to having a great relationship: it’s all about communication. It’s about connecting with your partner’s desires, dreams and aspirations, and nurturing and pursuing them together in love.

CARLOS MARIN attributes much of his success to the
relentless support and uplifting outlook of his
wife and business partner CECY MARIN. Carlos has
built network marketing organizations throughout
North and South America and Western Europe for
over twenty-five years. Over one million people have
attended his seminars, and his audio and video programs
have sold well over ten million copies. His new
Automatic Riches will be available in late 2010.