When Jill and I got started in network marketing eight years ago, we had no idea about the benefits we would reap from working together as a couple. Having more time and money sounded very appealing, but we quickly discovered that, having never worked together as a couple, we had some growing to do in this area.

Both strong personalities, Jill and I had achieved significant success while working independently of one another. When we started our network marketing business, we often had our own ideas about how things should be done. We didn’t always see how both our approaches might be equally effective, so sometimes minor differences turned into major issues. We were like two strong horses pulling a wagon in different directions.

The relationship counseling we received from our upline was one of the unexpected benefits network marketing offered us. Orrin and Laurie Woodward not only cared that our business would grow, they also cared that our lives would get better. Through their mentorship, we realized that prior to getting involved in network marketing Jill and I had developed a very superficial relationship. Outside of playing sports and going out together, we didn’t share much and never talked about our priorities. We hid from the fact that we weren’t financially secure, and our jobs made us grow apart rather than bringing us together.

Thanks to Orrin’s and Laurie’s mentorship, we learned to discuss our priorities and rewrite the script of our lives. Some books they recommended were The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs, and Personality Plus by Florence Littauer. Studying these books gave us a deeper understanding of each other and also helped us become better leaders.

Instead of driving to a destination with both of us giving our own directions, we gradually learned to work as a team. We realized that building an organization started right in our home. It became clear that each of our roles was to listen, love and encourage—not to instruct or correct. By applying the principles we learned, we began to create a life of purpose.

Network marketing can be an effective vehicle for achieving goals that the traditional business world doesn’t address. Jill and I aren’t perfect, but we are grateful for everything we’ve learned so far. We enjoy working together as a team and teaching others the many benefits of our profession. Now most of our discussions center around how best to have fun, make money and make a difference in as many lives as possible.

their medical careers to become
full-time network marketers in 2002.