Doing business is generally a team sport. Especially in network marketing, you can’t be a one-person show—and those who try usually fail miserably. The key to success is finding and working alongside the right teammates.
I’ve been fortunate to be able to work with my wife Ann as a partner in our network marketing business for over twenty years. Ann and I work in tandem each and every day to run our global business and downline, she in the role of business manager and I in the role of head coach.

We know plenty of other couples who do the business together successfully, and they all agree it’s a wonderful way to earn a living, but it also takes work, and it is critical that you support each other every step of the way. You must always build up and inspire the other person.

While we work together and are driven toward the same goals, Ann and I don’t actually sit shoulder to shoulder in the same office. Perhaps some couples do, but in our case, I believe that it wouldn’t be long until Ann would be throwing staplers at me.

Over the years, we’ve learned to fully understand each other’s strengths and use them to compensate for our own weaknesses. Luckily, the ways Ann and I differ in our personalities and abilities make for a great combination. In fact, you could say our combined brain power is made up of me as the right side and Ann as the left side.

I’m the more creative, outside-the-box thinker in our business. Therefore, I am more or less responsible for coming up with fresh and exciting ideas for bringing in new people. I’m basically in charge of online and offline marketing.

Ann, on the other hand, is logical and focused. She is the engine of our business, keeping it moving full steam ahead. After I get people into the business, she works with them and whips them into shape, and they come out at the other end with what amounts to a black belt in ninja network marketing.

Ann often has the unfortunate task of having to rein me in and bring my high-flying ideas back down to earth.

Somehow this dynamic of push and pull works great in our business, where we always meet somewhere in the middle with great results: an ever-growing downline and monthly residual income we’re able to enjoy together.

Working with your spouse as your partner and co-pilot in your network marketing business isn’t always rosy or a smooth ride, but the payoff is that you proudly get to bask in the benefits together!

ANN and DAVID FEINSTEIN are veterans of network
marketing who love to travel the world together.
David is a motivational speaker and coach, while Ann
is a widely respected leader and trainer.