Opposites and equal qualities, bound together as parts of a whole—day and night, mountain and valley, man and woman—that’s what life is about!

While each of us is made up of all the parts, some of us exhibit more masculine energy and others more feminine energy. The interplay of yin and yang energies gives us an opportunity to continually strive for balance and bring a broader perspective to our work and lives.

Some people are strong at “putting it out there” and getting things done, while others are better at “taking it in,” listening deeply, feeling the flow. Energy is in constant motion, flowing in natural cycles, guiding us as we go through our lives. Like a yin/yang symbol in motion, sometimes I can sense the power of coming into balance with my masculine and feminine energy.

I find I make better decisions when I’m in a more balanced state. I’m usually more creative and open to going with the flow. Coming from a receptive (yin) place of intuition, I can take right action (yang).

Part of our leadership journey is to become aware of the choices we make and how they affect us and the people around us. When we are in the flow, our energy seems effortless and expansive. When we are off balance, our actions can feel like a burden.

As you talk with others about your opportunity, do you allow your natural energy to flow and guide your words and actions? Or do you follow your script from a driven state?

Our network marketing business gives us continuous opportunities to practice and expand our leadership qualities. With each potential business partner we can experiment with different styles, playing to each other’s strengths, allowing our yin and yang energies to stimulate and advance our leadership skills.

Many couples enjoy working together in our profession because of the yin and yang qualities we can bring to our relationships. I’ve been working in partnership with my wife Marian since the day we married, more than twenty-five years ago. While she naturally tends to be the driver and I’m the intuitive, each of us has a masculine and a feminine side we strive to balance within ourselves and with each other. Decisions we make together always turn out better than the ones we make alone.

Whether you are working with your life partner or not, ours is a business of partnership. Enjoy maximizing the interplay of your inner yin and yang qualities as well as the feminine and masculine energies in your team, and you will become a powerful role model for leadership in your growing organization.

Glenn Head
Dean, Networking University