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I often hear distributors ask, “What does it really take to succeed in this business? Is it having the right attitude? Being in the right place at the right time? Just plain being persistent?”

I don’t think it’s any of those things. You can’t just walk down a street with a good attitude and hope people will come up to you and ask to join your networking marketing business. Being in the right time and place for the perfect opportunity to come along won’t create success if you don’t have the skills to take advantage of the moment. And persistence won’t do you any good if what you’re persistently doing is saying and doing things that don’t work!

What is the single most important quality to look for in a prospect? I believe it’s motivation. A motivated person can always learn the skills to build a massive business. A skilled person, on the other hand, may be lazy or not want a business opportunity.

I avoid unmotivated, skilled prospects. I find it a lot easier to show a motivated person what to do than to try to motivate a person to work.

Imagine the following scenario:

Two distributors, John and Mary, join your team. John is lazy, doesn’t attend conference calls, doesn’t learn new skills, avoids talking to prospects,

seldom gives out a product sample. His hands-on knowledge of talking to prospects is zero.

John just sits around and waits for that lucky break… and it comes. The perfect prospect shows up with the perfect connections in the perfect timing. Excellent!

What happens to John’s business? Nothing. He lacked motivation.

Mary, on the other hand, gets on every conference call, learns new skills, gives presentations to “live” prospects, hands out samples. She learns how to become a people person and accumulates experience in the business.

While Mary is working with prospects, however imperfectly, the perfect prospect appears, with the perfect connections in the perfect timing. Excellent!

What happens to Mary’s business? It explodes. Why? Because Mary’s motivation moved her to action and grew her experience. Each time she interacted with a prospect or passed out a sample, she practiced her skills and learned a little more. When the perfect prospect appeared, Mary knew how to handle the presentation.

One reason we hand out samples and prospecting CD’s and invite prospects onto conference calls or to meetings, is so we can practice and learn how to interact with prospects in daily situations. Mary took those critical actions, over and over, while John waited.

John may be talented, he may be skilled in his “normal” job or career, he may be highly intelligent. But even the luckiest of lucky breaks won’t make his business grow, because he lacks the one quality that gives Mary the edge she needs to succeed: she is motivated.

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