Everyone who joins network marketing wants to get started right. The tricky part is that in this profession, every leader has his or her strategy for starting up and training new people. Some leaders are more experienced than others and even leaders within the same company may have their own ways of doing the business. In short, there is no single “right way” to get started.

This variety of approaches creates a substantial problem when it comes to implementing a system that duplicates throughout an organization. In the September 2004 issue, Networking Times dedicated an entire issue to Systems, featuring systems experts like Rick Tonita and Michael Gerber.

“For sustainable growth, it is necessary to create a structure where each success or stage serves as the foundation for the next success,” says Tonita. “We call this an advancing structure. It is the underlying structure that generates predictable behavior, which in turn generates predictable results.”

In this same issue, Michael Gerber offers his wisdom: “The first step is to buy into the efficacy of and absolute need for a turnkey system. It’s about the single operating unit. Get that little sucker right, and you can replicate it.”

New distributors often ask for better training and support as they engage in their new businesses. Companies and teams are striving to create the best possible training for their new distributors that opens the floodgates to success. One of the challenges is that each of us is an independent distributor, and we don’t always listen to and learn from our company or even our upline leaders. We often hear the expression, “training distributors is like herding cats,” meaning that everyone has his own idea about what is best and goes off in whatever direction he chooses.

While Networking University offers courses for new distributors in many of the important start-up activities (identifying your “why,” building a list of potential customers and partners, strengthening belief in yourself and the profession, etc.) we hadn’t yet offered “The Definitive Guide to Getting Started.”

This issue of Networking Times offers a Best Practices panel of ten network marketing leaders who share their recipes for helping new distributors get started right in the profession. If you want to streamline your system, make sure to study their information, put it into practice and share it with your team.

Education changes everything.

See you in class!

Glenn Head
Dean, Networking University