Ode to Words
Josephine Gross, Ph.D.
Enrich your vocabulary every day by scheduling time to read. Be curious about the words you don’t understand. Become aware of the words that live inside your head by journaling. Use the power of words by adopting a mantra. Our language shapes our thinking. Our words ultimately define us. Who do you want to be?

Leading a Networking Revolution
Orrin Woodward and
Chris Brady
The term Networking Revolution was coined by Randy Gage when he released his Manifesto for the future of the networking profession in January 2009. Art Jonak made it the theme of his latest Mastermind event, where Orrin Woodward was introduced to the concept and, together with his business partner Chris Brady, bought into the vision. This article is the first of a new column that will focus on fostering leadership and professionalism in the networking profession.

The Pygmalion Effect
Art Jonak
Some distributors will do anything but talk to prospects. Do you tell them the truth about the business? Do you tell them to go out and take action? Remember the Pygmalion effect: the greater the expectation you place upon people, the better they perform. Believe in your distributors. Expect higher results. Your distributors will rise to the occasion, because they think your expectations are the norm.

Hunters and Gatherers
Jean Kelley
We all know men and women think and act differently, both at work and at home. Become conscious and aware of the differences between the sexes and use this awareness in your daily interactions with others. This will ease some of the frustrations you feel when communicating with team members and you will start building professional relationships that are based on deeper understanding, cooperation and trust.

Sharpen Your Social Intelligence
Brian Tracy
According to the Law of Indirect Effort, each time you express a kindness toward another person, your own self-esteem improves. We impress into our own minds whatever we express toward someone else. The happiest men and women are those who make others feel good about themselves in their presence. When you go through life raising the self-esteem of others, opportunities for success will open up in ways you can’t imagine.

The Art of Follow-Up
Judy Garmaise
While most professional networkers know the importance of follow-up, few are masterful at the art of it. They may leave one or two voicemails for people or reply to e-mails, but those attempts only scratch the surface of what follow-up is all about. This article shows you how fun and rewarding follow-up can be. Once you learn to follow up like a pro, your business will benefit from your persistence and diligence to one of the most basic business tasks.

Intentional Creation
David Blanchard
People come to network marketing with visions of financial and time freedom. We have been taught to dream, to vividly visualize. Every leader we know has dreams and a powerful vision. But what if our dreams are not manifesting? Are we doing something wrong? This article offers five mental practices that will help you use the power of visualization constructively and participate in the tangible creation of your reality through passion-driven action.

Speaking Tips for Webinars
Patricia Fripp
Anyone who sets out to persuade and propel with the spoken word faces pitfalls. As technology and travel budgets become more prevalent, you have yet another challenge: how do you communicate through a webinar, using only your voice and slides? What is different about this mode of presentation? How do you capture and keep your audience? This article offers twelve tips for becoming an excellent webinar presenter.

What to Blog About
Dave Saunders
In today’s online media world, a blog is essential in order to create a connection with your prospects and business partners. Whether your contacts are down the street or on the other side of the planet, your blog content will give them another way to get to know, like and trust you. Creating a blog has never been easier. This article offers five types of blog posts you can use any day of the week to help you get started.

Reading with Purpose
Bob Proctor
Not all reading is created equal. Spend less time squinting at various-sized monitors and more time sitting down to an actual printed, page-turning kind of read. There is a science to this kind of reading that accelerates our personal growth. When we hold a physical book or magazine in our hands, mind and body are connected, our focus is greater and our comprehension is higher. As a result, permanent shifts in thinking happen at a more pronounced rate.