Bob Burg and John David Mann have done it again! Two years ago, The Go-Giver took the business world by storm with its message that shifting your focus from getting to giving is the most fulfilling and effective path to success. That simple story has inspired hundreds of thousands of readers and gained a dedicated following around the world. Still, some have wondered, “Nice story—but does this stuff really work? I mean, does it stand up to the challenges of real-life, everyday business?”

Go-Givers Sell More is the authors’ answer to that question.

Before I can recommend a book to my peers, I have to know the content is tried, true and tested—no exceptions. I’m happy to say, Go-Givers Sell More is the real deal. Burg and Mann know the business of sales and the business of networking from the inside out, but what makes their work special is the values they bring to the subject. “Cultivate a trusting relationship and focus exclusively on creating value for the other person,” they say, “and great results will follow automatically. Go-Givers really do sell more.”

The book draws on five counterintuitive laws for dramatically increasing sales and referrals:

1. Create Value. Selling is creating value for others through excellence, consistency, attention, empathy and appreciation.

2. Touch People’s Lives. The more lives you touch, the greater your compensation. Why? Because of the word of mouth it generates by people who want to share the story of what you did for them.

3. Build Networks. The most effective way to build your reputation and influence is to focus on looking out for other people’s interests. Word spreads.

4. Be Real. People can sense when you’re being authentic or not. Rather than stepping out of your comfort zone—which makes you and your potential customer feel uncomfortable—step into who you are.

5. Stay Open. When you are unable to receive gracefully (whether that’s receiving a gift, a compliment, or a sale), your feeling of discomfort transfers to the other person. Ease breeds ease.

Witty and wise, Go-Givers Sell More draws from real-life stories from a wide swath of industries—from an information technology company to a school for kids with learning disabilities—and helps entrepreneurs and businesspeople in all walks of life create meaningful relationships, discover new customers and generate endless referrals.

“The biggest inversion of all, the great upside-down misconception about sales,” write the authors, “is that it is an effort to get something from others. The truth is that sales at its best is precisely the opposite: it is about giving.”

If you liked The Go-Giver, you will love its new companion volume. According to David Bach, “If the first book changed your thinking, this one will change your actions.”

Burg and Mann offer practical tips and strategies you can start applying right away to transform your business and make you feel proud and confident about your chosen profession.

Paperback, 193 pages, $21.95;
Portfolio, 2010