Our economy is in transition; people have lost jobs, houses and their savings. We need positivity now more than ever. In fact, our futures may depend on it. Enter Positivity: backed by more than twenty years of scientific study, this book offers practical tools to reliably increase feelings of well-being as well as decrease negativity.

Dr. Fredrickson discovered that experiencing positive emotions in a 3-to-1 ratio to negative ones leads people to a tipping point beyond which they automatically become more resilient and better able to handle stressful situations. Experiencing positivity above this ratio helps people build and strengthen relationships as well as achieve higher goals in all areas of their lives.

Positivity provides you with a road map to release your natural positivity. It shows you how to calculate your current positivity ratio, track it, and improve it. You can expand your experience of the book by using Dr. Fredrickson’s online tools, available at PositivityRatio.com.

Dr. Fredrickson says positivity literally opens your mind, which fertilizes creative and integrative thinking. When we think positively, we discover and build new skills, new alliances, and new resilience—which makes us better prepared to handle adversity. Even mild positive emotions, experienced regularly, set people on discernable trajectories of growth.

Positivity also presents counterintuitive revelations tested by science, such as:

Dr. Fredrickson doesn’t just suggest that positive emotions offer a better life—she proves it. We need positivity because we’re different people when we’re under its influence. Pleasant emotions such as hope, inspiration, joy and well-earned pride literally open us to see both the forest and the trees. We appreciate the oneness that binds us instead of the barriers that divide us. Heartfelt positivity is the answer for all of us who want to be more, do more and have more in all areas of our lives.

Paperback, 288 pages, $14.00;
Three Rivers Press, 2009