The Black Hoof in Toronto: specializing in house-made charcuterie and making hungry networkers very happy.


I frequently receive calls from people who need network marketing advice. They ask if they should try a certain strategy, how certain leaders became successful, what type of presentation generates the best results, and what is my advice on their new brochure.

Who are these callers?

Many of them fall into one category: people who spend time investigating, analyzing and looking for a comfortable, inexpensive way to achieve overnight success. These people find it easier and safer to stay in a state of continuous investigation rather than actually doing something to build their businesses.

Here’s my advice to these callers:

“Go out and take action. Start giving your first prospecting presentation. Making twenty more calls exploring network marketing theories will not yield you any results.”

Although this answer doesn’t raise my popularity score with most of these callers, I do feel I need to tell them the truth.

What about you? Do you have distributors who will do anything but talk to prospects?

Are they always busy putting together a new brochure or presentation that will solve all the problems of network marketing?

Are they so busy with “busy work” that they don’t have time to sponsor?

Do they spend hours every day sending emails or tweets back and forth to people they’ve never met?

Are they pretending to build relationships with the 800 strangers they’ve captured in their autoresponder or befriended on Facebook?

If so, what are you going to tell them?

Are you going to say, “Nice brochure. You’re really accomplishing a lot.”

Or are you going to tell them the truth? Will you say, “Why don’t you go out and do something that will build your business? Make a phone call. Meet a ‘live’ person. Make a presentation. Sign up a new distributor.”

Remember the Pygmalion effect: the greater the expectation you place upon people, the better they perform. Believe in your distributors. Expect higher results. Your distributors will rise to the occasion, because they think your expectations are the norm.

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Lisa and Jim Kerr feasting on foie gras, heart, roasted marrow bones and duck panini.

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