I recently hosted a conference call that was all about one word, commitment.

Commitment is an interesting word, one that many people use but very few put into practice. Commitment is the great differentiator between those who try and fail, and those who persevere and succeed. When you are interested in a cause, you do what’s convenient; when you are committed to that cause, you do whatever it takes.

Doing what’s convenient is easy, it’s comfortable. Doing whatever it takes isn’t always comfortable. It stretches you and takes you out of your comfort zone. Stretching can be painful, but it’s healthy and necessary if you want to grow into your full potential. You need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You need to be willing to stretch, because your comfort zone is like a prison: the walls keep out danger but they also keep potential locked inside.

Commitment is powerful! It is one of the most important ingredients for success.

The word commitment comes from the Latin verb committere: to bring together, to join forces, to fully engage. To commit doesn’t mean you know the outcome of your actions; it just means that you are giving something your full focus and energy while being comfortable with not knowing exactly how things will pan out. Commitment is a disposition in the present that produces trust and faith in the future.

When people in our business truly commit to their products, company and opportunity, then nothing can stop them. If you are committed to a cause, you fight for it. If you commit to your church, you donate your time and resources. If you commit to others, you support and uplift them. In the words of W.H. Murray, “the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.” All sorts of forces conspire to make things happen which would never otherwise have occurred.

A lot of networkers mistakenly think we are in the business of selling products. The truth is, we are not in the supplement, personal care, financial services or juice business. Everything we do is about communicating, influencing, motivating and moving people to action. Words form the basis of that communication, and understanding the deeper meaning of the word commitment is just one example of how words can bring out more potential in ourselves and others.

From prospecting to presenting, validating and training, our words make all the difference in how we lead people to greater heights.

TY BENNETT is a successful
network marketing leader and author of
The Power of
Belief audio program. He speaks to audiences around
the world on the topics of purpose, leadership and belief.