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Sample Course Descriptions of Upcoming Webinars:

DOUG FIREBAUGH: The 7 Crucial Social Media Laws for Building a Massive Home Business (Wednesday, March 10)
How would you like to wake up with dozens of new leads for your home business in our email box? If you decide to jump into the social media zone, you can tap into an endless pool of leads that will just keep increasing. This course covers the most important web sites you need to sign up with to get started, as well as the seven laws that will help you connect with others, provide value and monetize your online presence.

GARRETT GUNDERSON: Learn How to Get Paid to Play (Wednesday, March 24)
Do you believe you were born into this life to work hard? Has a life of working hard in a job or a business you hate managed to take away your excitement and sense of purpose? This course will guide you on a journey of awakening, aligning, activating and applying the principles of soul purpose to the creation of financial benefits, money and business.  Learn how to get paid to play and never have to work again in your life.

JULIE ANNE JONES: Powerful Language to Transform Your Networking Business (Wednesday, April 7)
This webinar is designed to show you a new way of looking at the daily language you use in your business. You’ll learn why the words you choose matter and how to make the shift from what’s important to you to what’s important to your prospects. You’ll learn to use easy and direct scripting to get the most from your encounters, changing your results one conversation at a time.

ARVEE ROBINSON: Speak Up, Cash In: How to Use Public Speaking to Build Your Network Marketing Business (Wednesday, April 28)
Public speaking is a great way to attract more clients, generate unlimited leads and grow your business effortlessly, especially when you master the skills of persuasion and influence. Speaking to groups doesn’t cost you any money and gives you instant credibility. It positions you as an expert in your field and people like to buy from experts. This webinar will help you sharpen your speaking skills with the objective to generate leads and clients.

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FREE Live Webinar Schedule

March-April 2010

03/03 W
Steve McCann
Client-Conscious Prospecting in a Changing Economy
03/10 W
Doug Firebaugh
The 7 Crucial Social Media Laws for Building a Massive Home Business
03/17 W
Keith Cameron Smith
The Top Ten Distinctions between Dream Fulfillers and Dream Killers
03/24 W
Garrett Gunderson
Learn How to Get Paid to Play
03/31 W
Spring Break
No Webinar
04/07 W
Julie Anne Jones
Powerful Language to Transform Your Networking Business
04/14 W
Eric Lofholm
How to Sell in the New Economy
04/21 W
Todd Falcone
Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals
04/28 W
Arvee Robinson
Speak Up, Cash In: How to Use Public Speaking to Build Your Networking Business

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