Rose Marie Glenn

Rose Marie Glenn is a mother of seven, a grandmother of nine and a great-grandmother of one—so far. Born to an American father (whom she never met) and an Asian mother, she grew up in Manila, capital of the Philippines, where she lives today.

Rose Marie is also a seven-figure income earner in a large network marketing company that operates in the Pacific Rim. Shy and deathly afraid of public speaking when she started, today she runs a global business spanning thirty-two countries and serving several hundred thousand distributors and consumers.

Sometimes she still wonders, how was this possible?

Fifteen years ago, says Rose Marie, she poured her heart out to God and asked Him to guide her footsteps. She then followed her heart, which led her to the right people. She found a mission she could get behind, and just kept working on herself, facing her fears head-on.

Today she is eager to share her trade secrets with anyone who wants to build their dreams:

“The first key to success in this business is that you must believe in what you’re doing and you must have passion. I was able to build my business not because of my skills but because of my attitude.

“The second key is, you must love people and be a giver. In order to fully actualize your God-given abilities, you have to share them with others. We are all instruments of the divine, God’s helping hands in the world.”

Finding Network Marketing

Rose Marie had been in the hotel management industry for fourteen years when she left her job and ventured into business as a ready-to-wear clothing manufacturer. A widow with seven children, she was looking for a way to provide more income to help her afford her children’s college education. She quickly discovered that the clothing manufacturing business was capital-intensive and delivered minimal profit.

Working herself into exhaustion, she didn’t see how she was going to pay her family’s increasing bills.

“I came to the point where I had to get away from it all,” she says. “I spent three days praying and fasting, seeking God’s wisdom. I told Him I was willing to work and asked Him to redirect my life.”

Soon after her retreat, Rose Marie’s daughter Donna invited her to a meeting. Being at a crossroads, Rose Marie thought, “Maybe this is already an answer to my prayer.”

She accompanied her daughter to a fast-food restaurant where they met a gentleman who showed them how to market household products. Rose Marie was immediately shut off to the idea, thinking, “Me selling household products? No way! This is not of you, Lord, because I don’t like to do this.”

While Rose Marie was having an emotional reaction, Donna was listening intently to the presentation and considering the business opportunity.

Rose Marie continued building her clothing business, until another offer came along: a higher-paying position based on her fourteen-year background in hotel management.

“With all the perks being offered,” she says, “I jumped on the opportunity, not knowing that I was following my emotions. Instead of listening to the answer to my prayers, I was giving in to my need to feel safe and secure doing what I already knew how to do.”

Rose Marie’s new job site was close to the office of the network marketing company that the gentleman in the fast-food restaurant had represented. Rose Marie and Donna were living together at the time, and Donna continued to attend opportunity meetings for that company, occasionally inviting her mom to come along.

Rose Marie finally said, “Okay, since I have a big family, the thirty percent discount on household products this program offers would be great. It represents a significant slice of my budget. I will register just to get the discount, but that’s all. Don’t expect me to go out there and sell.”

Rose Marie with Dato Vijay Eswaran.

Rose Marie with Joseph Bismark.

Rose Marie with her family.

Getting Started

This time the demonstration of the household products had caught Rose Marie’s interest. When she got home and started using the products, she quickly discovered that they were of higher quality than the store-bought products she had been using. This realization, combined with the 30-percent discount feature, made her want to share the products with others. She brought together a group of friends in one of their homes and did a demonstration, teaching them how to use the products effectively.

At about that time, Rose Marie happened to receive a call from her prayer partner and best friend, and she told her friend about her newfound discovery. Her excitement naturally rubbed off on her friend.

Her friend agreed to also use the products and enjoy the 30 percent discount. Once the products were delivered, she too was delighted with their quality and invited five of her close friends to her house. She asked Rose Marie to come over and help her, because she didn’t know how to give a presentation. Rose Marie answered, “I don’t know how to do a presentation either! I’ll just give my testimonial on how I use the product.”

All five people decided to become product users, and at the end of the month, Rose Marie received a check in the mail.

“How did this happen?!” she wondered. “My only intention was to enjoy the savings. What if I started doing this deliberately? What if I continued to share this with a friend, and another friend, this time with the intention of growing my check?”

Rose Marie accompanied Donna to a few more business presentations, and eventually met the owner of the company, who further educated her on the concept of network marketing. Rose Marie still couldn’t see herself selling products, but he told her, “As you have experienced, this business is not about selling. You simply shared your product experience. First, your friends bought your story, and now they are buying and using the product, just like you.”

At first, Rose Marie had a hard time grasping the business concept, and she had to come to terms with earning money from her friends’ purchases. But once she understood she could offer them the same opportunity, she freely shared the multiple benefits of using the products and joining the company. She made a conscious effort to sign people up under her, and the following month, her check grew bigger.

She continued to share the business with every person she knew, and after about six months her bonus check was higher than the salary she earned as a hotel employee.

At that point, she pondered, “What if I devoted my time and energy to this business, which has obviously become more rewarding than my full-time job?”

The decision was easy to make. In 1994, she quit her job to do network marketing full-time.

Learning Experiences

Once Rose Marie became a professional networker, she immediately wanted to equip herself with the right knowledge on how to succeed. The challenge was, there weren’t many resources about the profession at that time in the Philippines. She checked out local bookstores and looked for networking groups, without much success.

Another challenge was that she abhorred the idea of speaking in front of groups. She was very insecure and afraid that people would criticize her English. She felt more comfortable speaking her native language, but quickly learned that others would size her up as a leader based on how well she spoke English.

A third challenge she faced was that she wasn’t a very sociable person. She was used to going straight home after work to take care of her family.

Over the next four years, Rose Marie experimented with three different network marketing programs. When she joined her third company, she went into partnership with a friend and they opened an office together, treating the opportunity like a traditional retail business. They became very successful, but soon realized the limitations of this kind of business approach: unless they were present, selling product, there was no income flowing in. They were not meeting new people and did not develop leaders. Once they’d tapped out their warm market, they had nowhere to go, and sales started to decline, as did their checks. They had to close the office, and Rose Marie was penniless for the first time in her life.

“It was a painful experience,” says Rose Marie. “I was almost fifty years old, I’d placed my security and invested everything in that business, and it failed. I was so broke I had to move from my seven-bedroom house to a tiny apartment. My car was impounded. And there was nothing I could do about it.”

Finding a Home

At the time, Rose Marie’s youngest son was only eight years old and she still had many years of tuition fees to pay. Unlike many countries, the Philippines does not provide free public education, and parents make substantial financial investments from elementary school onward.

In 1998, Rose Marie was introduced to another network marketing company. Because of her financial trauma, she found herself on the brink of depression, but she dragged herself to the presentation. It was again her daughter Donna who had invited her, but Rose Marie didn’t see the potential of the business and did not feel ready to jump into another opportunity.

However, because of her tremendous financial responsibilities at the time, she decided to take a second look at the business. The second look turned into a third look, and a fourth and a fifth.

“This time,” she recalls, “I think I went to more than ten opportunity meetings before I finally decided to do this business again.”

The founding distributors of the company at that time, Dato Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark, made a deep impression on Rose Marie.

“In the presence of the founders, I had a feeling of confidence and security,” she says. “I recognized that they were experts and I wanted to be led by them.”

Rose Marie saw the leaders of her new company as visionaries, and when they shared with her what they call the RYTHM mission, she decided to join them and participate in echoing the message to Raise Yourself To Help Mankind all around the world.

“I felt ready to raise myself out of poverty,” says Rose Marie, “and I knew once I accomplished that, I would be able to help other people. This vision kept growing in my heart, and it’s still there today. That’s how I started building my business.”

Rose Marie has been with her current company for almost twelve years. Although she is sixty-one years old, she has no plans to retire. Instead she is more motivated than ever to help more people—starting with her family—who have the desire to achieve their dreams.

Divine Intervention

When Rose Marie started building her current business, her main challenge was that she felt she had no one left to talk to.

“Whenever I changed companies, I never brought any people with me,” she says. “After three different companies, I did not want to go to my friends and acquaintances, because I was afraid they might say, ‘You’re with another company again?’ I knew I would be met with skepticism. I had lost my credibility, despite the fact that I would tell them, ‘Hey, we keep on looking for something better.’”

Instead of working with her warm market, Rose Marie took the approach of going to the mall to look for contacts there.

“It was a very difficult thing to do,” she says, “but I saw the potential of the business, I believed in my upline and I liked everything they stood for. That motivated me and encouraged me to talk to people I didn’t know.”

Rose Marie’s opening statement would be, “I’m in a new business, and if you would be kind enough to give me twenty minutes of your time, I can explain it to you.” She would give them a little information to see if there was any interest, and if so, she would invite them to a presentation.

“I would ask God to order my footsteps,” says Rose Marie, “and it so happened that each time, I would meet a person who was also looking for something. I believe that even in business, there is divine intervention, and I would feel that every step of the way.”

Rose Marie’s previous experience in the business helped her a great deal, but she still had to overcome her shyness. Some of the people she met those first months in the mall became leaders in her organizations and are still with her today.

At first, Rose Marie did not believe in the maximum potential income that was presented to her during the opportunity meetings. In the back of her mind, she had been thinking, “This is a pie in the sky. They are showing me a paper projection so that we will join the business.”

Instead, she set a goal to earn a certain amount of money that would allow her family to live comfortably. At the time, commissions were paid weekly, and when she first received a $5,000 check for that week, she literally jumped for joy. In her sixteenth month in the business, Rose Marie reached that same “maximum potential income” figure she had not believed when it was shown to her at those first meetings.

Transforming Fear

Once Rose Marie’s success in the business became apparent, her friends started to notice what was happening and they approached her about joining the business.

“Some of them came to me full of regret,” she says, “wishing they had started with me so they could be at the top now where I was. It was easy for me now to sell the business, because I was living proof. There was no more pressure, no convincing, because my needs were already being met.”

Rose Marie’s daughter and business partner Donna Imson eventually joined the company’s corporate team in a training and marketing function.

“Donna is a very good presenter,” says Rose Marie. “From the beginning she would do group presentations, which I thought I could not do. I was even branded as ‘the one-on-one lady.’ But this year I spoke at two big events, one of which had 6,000 people. When I was up onstage, I got the biggest surprise of my life: I wasn’t even shaking!

“I was very comfortable, not like before. Even doing one-on-one presentations, I would get so nervous. I would be so bad that one sign-up of mine said, ‘Your presentation was kind of topsy-turvy, but just looking at you, I could see passion. You have so much conviction that I had to sign up. Now would you please sit down with me and go over the presentation again, because I did not understand anything you said.’

“Because of my shortcomings, every time I traveled I would visit the local bookstore and check out their resources about network marketing. When I traveled to the States, in 1999, I got ahold of as many resources as I could and carried them all to the Philippines. I even attended Dr. Charles King’s course at the University of Illinois.

“I knew I had to work on myself and devoted time to daily self-development. I made a daily action plan and stuck to it. I even came up with a training module, the Daily Discipline. It starts with thirty minutes of self-development to begin the day. Then, you go out and talk to as many people as you can, setting appointments to do one-on-one and group presentations.

“My fear of public speaking slowly faded away. Today, my fear of rejection has completely changed into an attitude that says, ‘Too bad if they do not see the potential.’ This was only possible because I faced my fear head-on.”

Partnering with God

To this day, Rose Marie is amazed at how her business has changed her life—financially, socially and emotionally.

“All the insecurities are gone,” she says. “For me, the biggest benefit I’ve experienced is how this business has changed me, as a person.

“Today I continue to build my network for fun—and to be of service. In the morning, I ask God, ‘Who do you want me to invite today? Please lead me to that person.’

“When I approach people, I know I’m bringing them a gift. I have something they need. I became a success because somebody shared something with me that I needed. If people fail to see what we have to offer, I feel bad for them. Sometimes I go back to them and pray that their eyes may be opened to the potential of this great profession.”

Rose Marie currently focuses most of her time on training and leadership development. She has learned a great deal from Randy Gage and attended his Mega-MLM event in November 2008. She brought his teachings to the Philippines and conducts weekly training sessions paying forward what she learned.

But she will always make time for meeting new prospects, whether through one-on-one presentations, hotel meetings or office meetings.

“I have many contacts in the U.S. who would like to do the business,” she says. “Once the U.S. market is open, perhaps a year from now, I will be the first one there because I am a U.S. citizen and all my father’s family lives there. Thanks to this business, I was able to meet them for the first time a few years ago.”

Rose Marie’s father had seven siblings, six of whom have passed away, but she met many American cousins who received her with open arms. Her half-sister Bonnie and her husband Kris are especially inspired by Rose Marie’s success and are eager to join her business.

Reflecting back on her journey, Rose Marie offers this final summary:

“Partnering with God is what enabled me to manifest my dreams and reach my destination. As a result, I became an instrument of blessing for others. Everything I’m enjoying—a seven-figure income and all its benefits—came because I put Him first.

“With God, we always have an open line of communication. It’s easy to dial that line, because it’s never busy. It says right in the Bible, ‘Call unto me and I will answer you, and I will show you great and mighty things which you do not know.’ That’s exactly what happened to me.”


When trying to decide whether to build a networking business, the following Bible verse quickened Rose Marie’s spirit and spoke to her loud and clear:

Do not remember the former things,
Nor consider the things of old.
Behold, I will do a new thing,
Now it shall spring forth;
Shall you not know it?
I will even make a road in the wilderness
And rivers in the desert.

Isaiah 43:18-19