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SATURDAY, 10:17 P.M.

Flash success in network marketing is rare. And when flash success occurs, there is usually a reason.

Many times you’ll hear a speaker at a training or opportunity meeting state:

“I just joined, talked to a few people, and by golly, in just one month, I reached the top level in the plan and they needed a truck to deliver my giant-sized bonus check!”

Well, what the speaker said may be true: she did reach the top, and it was fast. Unfortunately, because of time constraints on the meeting, the speaker didn’t get to tell us the whole story.

The reason the speaker sponsored such a big downline in her organization in only thirty days could’ve been because:

  • She had twenty years of experience in network marketing. She had lots of contacts, relationships and friends who knew, trusted and respected her. Since they also were experienced network marketers, they were in turn able to sponsor many distributors quickly. In other words, the speaker had twenty years of preparation for this “one-month flash of success.”
    … or because:

  • The speaker went door-to-door in her city, and everyone she talked to joined her program. Too bad there wasn’t enough time during the meeting to mention that her mother was mayor of the town and owned all the houses, and that the tenants felt obligated to do whatever her daughter suggested.
    … or because:

  • The speaker worked as an assistant teacher for forty years in the community. She also taught junior-high sports. Everyone in town knows, trusts and respects her. In fact, she taught most of the town’s residents. How could you say no to the person who used to make you clean the erasers?

Instant, flash success? I don’t think so. You have to earn your success in network marketing. That’s why some people grow faster than others.

If you don’t have any friends, people hate you and no one respects you, there’s only one way to get your business started: you’ll just have to start building some new relationships. Once you do, your business will grow.

ART JONAK is a Networking University
faculty member, a successful network
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widely respected trainer.

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