When we founded our company, our focus from day one was on creating a business that we, as former network marketing distributors, would want to be part of. We didn’t want the business to be just about the big incomes, the flashy cars and the fancy homes. Yet at the same time, we wanted that big income to be available.

A big part of our culture is creating a home for the average distributor—the person who wants to put a little extra cash in her pocket and increase her quality of life. We do this by creating products that are easy to retail and offer a nice profit for the distributor. This creates loyalty and satisfaction in our customer base as well as a high retention rate among our distributors.

We always wanted to form a company where doing the right thing is more important than just growing the bottom line in the short term. We help many causes and organizations by generating awareness as well as funding.

Some causes and organizations we support are the American troops overseas, breast cancer research, honey bee research, the Make-A-Wish foundation and several others, along with churches and groups that are local to our corporate office.

We pay tribute to our troops by shipping them products during the summer months and holidays, letting them know we remember them and appreciate their service. We have developed signature products for non-profits to sell in their fundraising efforts, including for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the honey bee research institute at Penn State. Corporate dollars are donated based on sales of these products.

Culture comes in when our distributors also get involved in supporting these causes. We make the field aware of our donations to these causes and what percentage of our profits we give away. We provide press releases and literature to assist our distributor force in spreading the word, which in turn helps them build their businesses.

The unexpected benefit that has come out of our corporate giving practices is the outpouring of giving from our distributors who, of their own initiative, are choosing to contribute a portion of what they earn from the sales of these products.

Our company also has created the culture of a “Family First” business. Children of all ages are welcomed and encouraged to attend company events. Many children have spoken on stage, and even more help their parents in the everyday running of their business. They sell products door-to-door, sign up and work with fundraising groups, and help run home parties—all the while honing their entrepreneurial skills at an early age, which creates an ongoing culture of its own.

We believe that by walking the walk—not just talking the talk— we are fulfilling our mission and at the same time, everyone benefits emotionally as well as financially.

ROBERT SCOCOZZO started his first successful business at the
age of seventeen. He found network marketing in 1988 and has had over
50,000 distributors in his organizations. In 2002, Bob and his
partners founded their own network marketing
company, of which Bob is the current CEO.