Kody Bateman

In our company, we focus on creating a positive and giving environment—both in our home office and among our distributors. We founded our company upon the principle of living to give, not to get. The law of attraction teaches that if you are giving to get, then the universe gets or keeps; if you are living to give, then the universe gives you what you desire.

We regularly hold full-day Treat ‘em Right seminars to teach these principles and share stories of inspiration with each other. These seminars have become the foundational training that creates our positive culture.

Everyone’s life is made up of stories, and the stories in our minds become the stories of our lives. By leading with the example of a positive outlook, we inspire our employees and distributors to put forth a positive effort as well. Our company culture is to teach everyone to send at least one heartfelt card a day to someone they feel could use a positive message or inspiration. Thousands of distributors have built thriving businesses based on acting on their promptings to give.

Twenty years ago I ignored a prompting to say goodbye to my older brother when I was moving out of state for a job on the East Coast. Two months after the move, I received the news that he had been killed in an accident at work. I was devastated, and vowed at the moment I received the news that I would never ignore another prompting. Consequently, I founded our company on this principle: listen to your promptings and act on them without delay. Trust yourself, believe in yourself, and the stories of your life will be good ones.

Our company culture also teaches giving to ourselves by using positive “I am” statements. Your “I am” statements define your essence, and you should reaffirm them to yourself daily. “I am an exceptional mother” and “I am a best-selling author” are examples of positive affirmations that create the stories in our minds that help us become who we are and reach our highest potential.

People do amazing things every day—single moms who work two jobs to keep their families afloat; college students who work at night and go to class during the day; coaches who volunteer their time to help young athletes discover their greatness. Everyone has done something in life that deserves a standing ovation, and we aim to let people know how much we appreciate their everyday greatness.

Your inner promptings are about who you are; your outer promptings are about what you do with who you are. When you combine the two, you build yourself while also contributing to others. Everyone has something special to offer the world, something only they can do. Acting on your promptings leads you to your genius within and helps you make the difference that only you can make in the world.

KODY BATEMAN is the founder and CEO of a network
marketing company. He conducts personal development seminars
and gives speeches to audiences throughout the United States
and Canada. He is the author of

Promptings: Your Inner Guide to Making a Difference.