Our world is in a pathetic state. According to the World Bank, almost half the world population—over three billion people—lives on less than $2.50 a day. Many are impoverished, disadvantaged and oppressed. Tonight, as many other nights, families with children will go to bed hungry. Meanwhile, you and I will sleep in the comfort of our homes.

How can we change our world? Governments cannot do it because they have to depend on popularity as expressed in votes. Educational institutions are focused on the pursuit of knowledge. Charities have existed for thousands of years, and they still must rely on donations and assistance.

The last key to unlock the doors of change lies in the hands of entrepreneurs. The free-enterprise economy has driven us to become more creative, resourceful and productive. Together with the other three constituencies, we can complete the puzzle and effect this change within our generation.

We need to raise a new generation of enlightened entrepreneurs who go beyond pure profit and personal gain to serve a higher purpose. Enlightened entrepreneurs serve four different types of bottom line: financial, social, environmental and spiritual.We can make the world a better place by asking ourselves four questions:

Networkers are especially well positioned to appreciate this concept of the quadruple bottom line. The network marketing model dictates that we must have a great product so that we can serve all four bottom lines. We must serve people for a higher purpose, and through our profit, continue to bless our planet.

We can make it an integral part of our lives to donate time, talents and resources to touch lives, bless families, improve communities and enhance society. Every one of us can do our part.

The critical success factors for developing great champions and empowering communities in network marketing are the same ingredients needed to revolutionize the world.

Call me an idealist, but I pray that our children and our children’s children will look back at our generation and say, “That’s the generation that finally joined hands together to eradicate poverty.”

Start taking your first action now. Remember, the best way to live our lives is to live for (not because of) others. When you reach out and bless other lives, you live the best life possible.


PATRICK LIEW, MBA, MSc, leads a network providing
e-learning products in more than fifty-eight countries.
He also sits on the board of directors of several companies
involved in education and information technologies. In 2008, he won
The Entrepreneur of the Year for Social Contribution Award in Singapore.
In August 2009, he received the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award.