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Science is confirming what wisdom traditions have pointed to for thousands of years: that everything around us is part of a living universe, and that we are only stewards of whatever we think we “own.” As the old economy of fear and greed is crumbling, a new economy of partnership is being born. Many network marketing leaders are frontrunners in this global shift.

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Contemplations on the power of generosity.

A panel of four guest commentators ponders the question, “What role does giving play in the culture of your business?”

Thriving in the New Economy
Garrett B. Gunderson
We each have an entrepreneurial responsibility to maximize the value we create for our customers. To increase your bottom line, it is critical to create more value for your customers than you ask from them in return. Increasing your bottom-line value contribution causes your “personal stock price” to go up—even if the overall economy is headed the other direction.

Are Relatives and Friends Hard to Sponsor?
Art Jonak
Relatives and friends make great prospects: they are easier to contact than a total stranger, and they probably trust you enough to at least check out your business. Whether they decide to be sponsored or not is not your responsibility. Your only job is to offer what you have and educate them if they request more information.

Extra Effort
Peter Vidmar
The key to improving isn’t to work twice as hard, it’s to work just a fraction harder—or smarter, or longer. In the end, it’s the fraction that matters. Increase the quality of your effort bit by bit. Being the best is never a matter of being twice as good as someone else. It’s usually measured by fractions. In the Olympic arena, you will find many examples that prove this.

Giving: The Secret of the Genuinely Rich
If there were ever an author who needed no introduction, it would be Mark Victor Hansen. Cocreator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul publishing phenomenon, Mark is also author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The One Minute Millionaire, among dozens of other popular books. Over the past three years, Mark tracked down the wealthiest child entrepreneurs in North America and presented their stories in his latest book, The Richest Kids in America. The biggest surprise he had in researching the book was the extraordinary relationship that all these super successful kids had to giving.

A Revolution in Fairness
How do you go from a Wharton MBA, to high-level think tanks consulting to the government and largest corporations, to writing a book with Joseph Campbell, to becoming the spokesperson for a new view of our world as a “living universe”? If you’re Duane Elgin, it’s just a natural progression. Elgin is an internationally recognized speaker and social visionary. His books Voluntary Simplicity (1981), Awakening Earth (1993) and his recent The Living Universe—are among the most respected works on the topic. We talked with Duane about his work and the role business has to play in the developments he sees ahead.

Spirit Wings Kids, Inc.
A former athlete and swimming coach, Donna Johnson has been a full-time network marketing leader for thirty-two years. She has been a top earner in her company for the past twenty-two years and has a vibrantly active organization that spans several countries. Donna is passionate about helping others create what she calls 3-D success: 1) make a difference in the world; 2) create a balanced life; 3) enjoy financial peace. To fulfill the “make a difference” part of her vision, she created Spirit Wings Kids, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming and empowering children and their families.

Truly Home-Based
Steve and Pasha Carter are devoted parents of three young children. They are also the proud owners of a hugely successful networking business they run almost entirely from their home in Dallas, Texas. Ever since they implemented an online presenting and training system for their team, they have been the number one producers in their company. They truly created their dream of having a home business with unlimited income potential, and now dedicate their time to showing others how to do the same. According to the Carters, successful networking is a skill that comes through experience and belief.

Yes, You Can!
Dr. Shirley Carmack could easily be called the grandmother of network marketing. She discovered the profession nearly thirty-eight years ago and has been with her current company for over twenty-five years. Shirley Carmack is a retired nurse-anesthetist who also holds a Ph.D. in psychology. In 1987, she left her career after witnessing an increasing incidence of chronic degenerative diseases, and became a full-time wellness practitioner and network marketer. Today, in her mid-sixties, Shirley runs an organization spanning four continents and continues to recruit new people into her business.

Turn Dull into Dynamic
Patricia Fripp
As a speaker, whether your audience is one person or one thousand, you want to get a specific message across. Maybe you want to improve your business presentation, or your team members need to improve their presentation skills and you’re in a position to help by giving a few pointers. This article offers ten major pitfalls you can learn to avoid or help others avoid.

Dialing for Dollars
Tracy Monteforte
Most people would rather die than speak in front of an audience. It comes as no surprise that phone prospecting is network marketers’ #1 fear. This is a huge problem because to be successful in any business involving relationships, you must master the art of phone prospecting. With the correct mindset, skill set and toolset, it’s simpler than you might think.

Networking Mixers
Dr. Ivan Misner
Many business people feel uncomfortable when it comes to walking up to strangers and starting a conversation. Many others are concerned about getting effective results from the time they spend networking. The process doesn’t have to be traumatic, scary, or a waste of time. Neophyte networkers often ask, “What can I do to meet more people and make better contacts at business mixers?” This article offers some guidelines.

How to Use LinkedIn
Jan Vermeiren
LinkedIn is a powerful yet widely underused tool for business networking. It lets you easily find new customers, partners, suppliers, coaches, experts and any other person who can help you grow your business. This article answers two common questions: Why use LinkedIn when there are Facebook, MySpace and so many other social networking sites? How do I use LinkedIn in a way that brings immediate results?

The Opposite of Dismal
Bob Burg and John David Mann
To be successful in network marketing, it’s important to understand how giving works. The essence of it: the more you give, the more you have. In the economics of human interaction, what you keep to yourself (knowledge, attention, care, ...) doesn’t build interest; the only way you can get more of it is to continuously give it away.