“Entrepreneurs want freedom,” says Christine Kloser. “Freedom to make a difference in the world; freedom to make as much money as you desire; freedom to do what you want; freedom to be… you!”

But how do we realize this kind of freedom, especially in an ever-changing economy? Christine says the key to business success has less to do with a bullet-proof business plan and more to do with a connection to your spiritual side.

At one point a yoga teacher on the brink of bankruptcy, Christine asked the question, “What if I relied on putting more spirit into my business? Would that change anything for me?”

She set out on a quest, and since she couldn’t find any manuals on spirituality in business, she decided to create her own. She set up interviews with some of the world’s leading experts on business and spirituality, including Michael Gerber, Joe Vitale, Seth Godin, Neale Donald Walsch, and hundreds more. Through these interviews and the practical application of everything she learned from them, she designed a formula for integrating spirituality into business.

It all came down to five simple steps. First, uncover the soul in your business. What is the deeper reason you started your business?  How do you truly want to help your clients and customers? This step is about connecting your passion and purpose with your business.

The second step is about making two more critical connections: 1) connect with the universal source that gifted you with your passion. You need to adopt the belief that everything that happens in your business happens for your highest good, even if it’s challenging; and 2) connect to your market. This involves doing research to fully understand who your market is, what their needs are and what their pain is. Only then can you authentically communicate with them.

The third step is to design your business vision. Become crystal clear about how you want your business to look. Your business vision needs to be built on the joy and love you have for the work you do.  

The fourth step is to implement your vision. Take time to make changes in your business so it reflects the vision you created. When you are joyful in living your business vision, others will flock to work with you.

Finally, you’ve got to maintain your energy to stay aligned and enthusiastic about your business. Your energy is one of the most valuable assets you have, so keep your energy up and your numbers will go up, too.

If you’ve been searching for a way to bring your business to the next level by fully honoring the spiritual essence of who you are and trusting in your divine purpose, all the while cementing your connection to your source and your customers, this book will show you how.

Hardcover, 163 pages, $19.95;
Love Your Life Publishing, 2008