Most people would rather die than speak in front of an audience, according to some experts. It then comes as no surprise that phone prospecting is network marketers’ #1 fear.

Can you relate? At the mere thought of making calls your stomach starts to churn, a lump forms in your throat, your hands get clammy, your pulse quickens and the phone suddenly weighs 2,000 pounds!

This is a huge problem because to be successful in network marketing, or in any business involving relationships, you must master the art of phone prospecting.

How do you turn that crippling phone fear into compelling phone fun? With the correct mindset, skill set and tool set, it’s simpler than you might think.

Dialing-for-Dollars Mindset

You are the CEO of your network marketing enterprise. Your job is not to convince anyone to join you; you are simply sorting for your Board of Directors. Ninety-five percent of the people you encounter are not qualified. You’re simply looking for a few people who are: self-motivated, positive minded, coachable, having the start-up investment and the time to build a business. No need to beg, bribe or manipulate anyone into joining you. Let non-attachment to the outcome become your way of being. Try it and see how this attracts people to you like bees to honey.

Your phone is your cash machine. Whether you are receiving a call or making one, every time you hear that ring tone, translate it into, “Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching!” I have a pretend one-million-dollar bill taped by my phone as a reminder.

Every lead is a potential lifelong friend. When I get a new list of “cold market” leads, I get excited because I know in every list, in addition to some potential new business partners, there are some possible lifelong friends. Our WTPowers Customer Support Supervisor of nine years was once a lead, as was the man who eventually performed my wedding ceremony. I have dozens of stories like this. Leads are not just ink printed on paper, they are living human beings with goals and dreams just like you. They are not to be feared, but befriended.

Dialing-for-Dollars Skill Set

Master your phone script(s). Most of the students I train report that what holds them back is lack of confidence in what to say to a prospect. Having a time-tested, proven phone script that helps you quickly build rapport, pre-qualify and pre-close your prospects is vital. Check with your team leaders or other experts to find a phone script. Make sure it is a tested, results-producing script. Role play with other team members or family before you start calling. You want to sound conversational, not like you’re reading. Once you’re comfortable with the flow of the script, dive in and start dialing. The best way to improve is through practice. Lighten up and have fun with it!

Know your pipeline. Your pipeline is your method of disseminating information so your prospects can make an informed and intelligent decision. Too much information in one session confuses people. Unable to decide, they say, “I’m not interested,” or, “I’ve changed my mind.” Take them through a step-by-step, digestible process of evaluation. If you’re not sure what your pipeline should be, ask the most successful person you have access to in your company what they are doing and copy it.

The fortune is in the follow-up. On average, a person takes six weeks to evaluate and join a home business. I’ve had some people jump in within forty-five minutes and others (like La Donna, our Customer Support Supervisor) take a year! Sometimes the ones who decide quickly are also the ones who easily get discouraged and quit. Be patient if prospects take their time. They follow their agenda, not yours. But don’t sit around waiting for anyone; keep smiling and dialing, keeping your pipeline full, and regularly and systematically check-in, offering new information, success stories and support to help lead their decision. You will hone your follow-up system and skills by modeling after others who have mastered this skill set.

Dialing-for-Dollars Tool Set

Plenty of Leads: Always keep your pipeline full. It’s easy to stay unattached to any one person’s decision when you have hundreds of people to contact. There are many companies that sell pre-qualified leads and online tools you can use to generate your own. Do your research and test some different options. Keep in mind, what matters is not how much leads cost but how much income they generate for you. What is the value of one new personally sponsored rep: immediate, residual, as well as income from their duplication?

Auto-Dialer: Over a decade ago, when I first started calling leads, we dialed manually. Dialing a hundred leads a day took us five hours. Thanks to modern technology, we now dial twice the number of leads in one-third the time. With the auto-dialer I consistently put an average of six new prospects in my pipeline in less than one hour. Do this five days a week and that equals thirty prospects looking at your business every week! That’s 120 prospects a month. What will your business look like in three months with this level of activity? Are you beginning to see how fun phone prospecting can be?

Contact Manager: Your database is your single most valuable asset. You must have a good contact management system in place to keep track of your prospects and remind you of your follow-up appointments. If you try to depend on Post-it™ notes or a spiral notepad, you’re going to let a lot of great prospects fall through the cracks. Take a little time to get organized now, and your follow-up calls will be a breeze!

Now that you are aware of the correct mindset, skill set and tool set, you can become a dialing-for-dollars professional in no time. Why not team up with an associate and get started today?

TRACY MONTEFORTE and her husband Patrick are career
network marketers and founders of,
an automated lead generation, follow-up and training system.
Tracy is also a Master Results Coach and creator of the
“Dialing for Dollars” webinars, teaching network marketing leaders
how to overcome obstacles and work 100 percent from
home using just the Internet and the telephone.