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SUNDAY, 2:17 P.M.

Relatives know us too well. They can remember every mistake we’ve made in the past and gleefully keep an organized diary of our mishaps. Relatives won’t listen to us, don’t have much respect for us, and don’t want to join our business.

Sure, we know. Relatives are never good prospects… or are they?

Do you realize that every network marketer in the world is somebody’s relative? That’s right! They must be a relative to join. They may not be your relative, but hey, they’re related to somebody.

The same holds true for friends: everybody is somebody’s friend. Therefore, friends make excellent network marketing distributors.

Okay, then, what is your distributor really saying when he says, “Relatives are no good. You can’t sponsor them into your business”? Here’s what your distributor is really saying:

“I can’t sponsor my relatives. They don’t give me the benefit of the doubt: they want to see first if I’m successful before they join. I haven’t learned enough skills to feel comfortable presenting my program to them. I feel I must sell them something instead of letting them choose what’s best for them. I’m afraid of rejection. And my entire gene pool is defective.”

Looks like your new distributor is refusing to take responsibility for his business. He is looking to blame people and circumstances for his lack of success.

If the new distributor doesn’t let anyone know about his business, failure is assured. You can’t keep your business top secret and expect it to grow.

You can’t blame your failure on relatives. It doesn’t matter who they are related to. What does matter is whether the business opportunity is something they can benefit from. Your only obligation is to let your friends and relatives know that the opportunity is available. They may not want to know about the opportunity; they can refuse to listen to your presentation or to join your business. Your only obligation is to let them know an opportunity exists.

If they feel they need to check it out, that’s great. They can then decide if network marketing can help them achieve their dreams. They will make the decision based on their own wants and needs, not what you want or what some other relative wants. It’s a personal decision.

So don’t worry if your prospects are relatives or friends. And if they are, it’s usually to your advantage. At the least, a relative or friend is somebody you can talk to: you already have a degree of know, like and trust with them. They are easier to contact than a total stranger, and they probably trust you enough to at least check out your business. And that’s all you are asking.

So don’t go around saying you can’t sponsor relatives and friends. Whether they decide to be sponsored or not is not your responsibility. Your only responsibility is to offer what you have and educate them if they request more information.

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