Do you remember this clever piece of advice from the Jefferson Airplane song? We all know how crucial it is to expose ourselves to words, images and sounds that help us along towards where we want to go. In this new column, we will highlight personal and professional development tools—books, audiovisual programs, movies, podcasts or any other media—that have been circulating among networkers.

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BOOK Series
The Top 10 Distinctions between Entrepreneurs and Employees

By Keith Cameron Smith (2009)

This little book is a quick read that will help you develop an entrepreneurial mindset and act like a business owner.

Keith Cameron Smith shares a set of ten brief but essential thoughts and habits that, when practiced and mastered, cause a person to think and behave like an entrepreneur instead of an employee. He simply and bluntly lays out ten critical factors that separate those who succeed in building their own business from those who struggle and create mediocre results. Here are some favorites:

Entrepreneurs educate themselves more than they entertain themselves. Employees entertain themselves more than they educate themselves.

Entrepreneurs have an empowering perspective of failure. Employees see failure as bad.

Entrepreneurs take risks because of faith. Employees play it safe because of fear.

“The Top 10 Distinctions” is a series that started with The Top 10 Distinctions between Millionaires and the Middle Class in 2005. The first title became so successful that the author released a sequel in 2008, The Top 10 Distinctions between Winners and Whiners, and another one in 2009, The Top 10 Distinctions between Entrepreneurs and Employees.

Because of its simplicity, the Top 10 Distinctions series makes it clear that anybody who commits to adopting the right mindset and following a different course of action can create better results, especially in the areas of financial success and personal fulfillment. (available at

The Flow of Time and Money
How to Create a Full and Prosperous Life

By Lloyd Watts, Ph.D. (2008)
Reviewed by Rosie Bank

The purpose of this book is to help you master your relationship with time and money so you can create lasting wealth and enjoy your life.

Dr. Lloyd Watts applies his expertise in math and engineering to illustrate the impact of being tethered to a job, and how to take control of your time and finances.

With a series of diagrams and drawings accompanied by clear, concise language, Watts explains that by making money work for you, developing an action plan for financial freedom and focusing on long-term goals, you can eventually gain the freedom to achieve wealth and personal fulfillment.

Dr. Watts is passionate about turning financial freedom into a way to benefit others. If you have learned how to apply the mechanics of true wealth, you invariably did at least some of that learning from someone who taught you the ropes. Watts maintains that it is your moral responsibility to pass this baton as your mentor passed it to you.

He does not endorse network marketing, but what he teaches applies perfectly to our profession. The one distinction between what he writes and what we do is that we advance by teaching others and make a difference along the way. In network marketing, there is no waiting period between the learning and the teaching stage.

I recommend handing this book to your prospects and simply saying, “Here, this is what you’re in for.”

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Network Marketing Professionals

By Stephen R. Covey (2009)

Chances are you’ve read or seen Stephen R. Covey’s bestselling book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, first published in 1989. The 7 Habits idea developed into a series with sequels focusing on effectiveness in teens, parents and managers.

In this 2-CD training program, Covey offers networking professionals an integrated, principle-centered approach for becoming highly effective within their organizations.

Including real-world examples of current, successful networkers, Covey reveals a step-by-step path not only for living with fairness, integrity, service and human dignity, but also for becoming truly effective in your networking business.

Based on the original 7 Habits, this program adds the “Three-Person Teaching” principle: Covey encourages you to immediately teach the material you learn to someone else on your team.

“When we teach someone else what we’ve learned,” he says, “we learn twice: once when we receive, and again when we give. Receiving begins the learning process; teaching someone else completes it.”

This 92-minute audio program includes a 48-page workbook organized in two sections: summaries of the audio presentation and application exercises. These exercises help you practice and implement the timeless networking principles that, along with the audio training, can help you achieve your ultimate networking goals of effectiveness.

Rock to the Top

What I Learned about Success from the World’s Greatest Rock Stars
By Dayna Steele (2009)

Dayna Steele is an award-winning rock radio personality who spent years traveling the globe and interviewing countless bands and rock stars, including Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ozzy Osbourne, David Bowie, Bono and Sammy Hagar.

For almost two decades, Dayna collected lessons about the importance of passion, confidence, organization, networking and knowledge, as well as about the need for appreciation and the power of a brand.

In Rock to the Top, she shares her backstage adventures, celebrity escapades and the secrets she took from it all to help others create successful and profitable entrepreneurial ventures.

Gene Simmons, music business legend and cofounder of the rock band KISS, writes in the foreword, “Rock and roll is great. The fringe benefits are great. The money is great. But rock and roll is hard work, and to be successful you have to treat it like a business. It’s not enough to be lucky—you have to make your own luck. … I know exactly what I’ve had to do to go this far. I work hard and long. I’m on time. I look for opportunities. I return calls. I keep notes.”

If you want to learn about business success and personal achievement through entertaining, real-life stories of rock-and-roll stars, you will love this book.

An added bonus are the photos at the end, featuring Jon Bon Jovi, Sting, The Scorpions and many more—all from the author’s personal collection.

Nuphonics™: Renewal
Release Stress and Ascend into an Effective State of Mental and Emotional Balance through the Science of Music and Sound

By Wayne Musgrave (2007)

We carefully watch what we eat and breathe, but do you ever pay attention to your auditory environment and how it influences your health, emotional state and mental clarity?

Music and sound are very real forms of energy that can be controlled and directed to achieve a desired outcome. This energy has the power to do things like shatter glass, affect the functioning of internal organs, and even subdue an enemy. It can also be used to facilitate physical healing, treat psychological and behavioral disorders, improve one’s strength and ability to compete, and enhance the ability to develop and learn.

Nuphonics music and sound products enable listeners to function more effectively in their lives. The scientific and artistic elements in each composition are designed to help people in three areas:

  • Health and wellbeing: facilitating positive states of activity and functioning on the physical, mental and emotional level.

  • Performance improvement: leading to enhanced strength, endurance and capacity to perform effectively.

  • Growth and development: creating a state of consciousness that contributes to enhanced learning and development of our mind, emotional states and attributes of character.

Nuphonics soundtracks allow you to experience the power of scientifically and artistically designed music and sound compositions uniquely crafted to enhance the way you think, feel and function.

Other Nuphonics titles include Deep Sleep, ADHD Management, Child Focus and Tranquility.

Got Sales?
The Complete Guide to Today’s Proven Methods for Selling Services

By Lenann McGookey Gardner (2007)

“Most people don’t know what to say when they’re selling,” says Lenann McGookey Gardner. “They think they do. But they’re operating from stereotypes, out-of-date advice, and whatever has worked for them in the past… and wondering why it’s not working today.”

Got Sales? presents the latest information on how to be successful in contemporary selling, covering two parts: 1) What’s Working Now in Selling—Theory and Research; 2) The Workbook—Putting It into Practice.

A Harvard MBA and past #1 sales rep worldwide at Xerox Corporation, Lenann teaches how to converse with prospective clients or business partners—and how to structure those conversations to determine whether they’re a fit for what you do.

The lessons are very practical: what to say after you’ve said hello; how to keep the conversation going; becoming a better listener; responding to questions your prospect poses; helping your prospect to trust you; how to talk about what you sell; the importance of remaining positive and how to deal with rejection.

Here are some key principles the book covers:

  • Every professional, at one point or another, must take on a sales role.

  • Selling today is mostly about listening, not talking. When you’re selling, your prospect should be speaking 90 percent of the time.

  • Trying to “overcome” a buyer’s objections will likely kill your sale.

  • Selling can be a positive, pleasant experience for all parties.

Got Sales? is also available as a 4-CD set.

Killing Sacred Cows
Overcoming the Financial Myths That Are Destroying Your Prosperity

By Garrett B. Gunderson (2008)

“Our financial lives are directly connected to our societal contributions,” says Garrett Gunderson, “and we must be financially free in order to achieve our potential. Many, however, are kept from living their ideal lives because of misguided traditions in the world of personal finance.”

Gunderson challenges destructive myths, common clichés and faulty retirement planning advice to demonstrate that:

  • 401(k)s and the stock market are extremely risky investments for most people;

  • Conventional retirement planning strategies may prevent you from fully enjoying retirement;

  • Net worth is a poor indicator of wealth and your ability to retire well;

  • “High risk equals high returns” is dangerous dogma.

Gunderson is an entrepreneur who became a millionaire by the age of twenty-six. Today he is the owner of five thriving companies and he coaches other elite business owners. He creates programs that empower people to achieve wealth and has created an audio CD specifically designed for network marketers.

This Killing Sacred Cows CD challenges the myths surrounding network marketing and introduces key facts about the profession. The purpose is to attract mission-driven individuals who want to learn the rules that the truly wealthy live by and enjoy more freedom today rather than dream about retirement.

Six Pixels of Separation
Everyone Is Connected. Connect Your Business to Everyone

By Mitch Joel (2009)

We’re familiar with the concept of six degrees of separation, the idea that everyone is connected through six people or less. According to author Mitch Joel, this concept is no longer relevant. In today’s digital world there are no degrees of separation between you and your potential customers. Online social networks and new media tools have taken the degrees away—we’re down to pixels.

What we know about business and how to connect brands, products, services and even our personal identities has radically changed. So why aren’t more businesspeople taking advantage of the wealth of digital channels out there? Because most simply don’t know how to use them or, worse, underestimate their significance.

Six Pixels of Separation is a comprehensive guide to the most powerful online tools available for helping readers understand how to better connect, communicate, share and grow their business. It reveals why personal brands are becoming bigger than corporate brands and what every business owner, manager or entrepreneur should be doing online now to ensure their future success.

By using extraordinary case studies, Joel offers a complete set of tools, tactics and insights—most of which are free—to empower individuals to reach a global audience.