“Live to Give”—what a great bumper sticker for network marketers!

Not one, not several, but everyone I know in our profession gives back. Even when just starting out and not yet making enough to cover the cost of their own products, people donate their time, their company’s products and whatever money they can afford to people and causes they care about. It’s just the kind of people this profession attracts: like attracts like.

I’m proud to be associated with a profession of givers. Many networking companies create publicity by supporting causes—from orphanages in developing countries, to rainforest preservation, to health clinics—but individual giving is rarely talked about. Mostly it’s a subtle thing: the products you give to your friend’s friend; the child you support to go to Winners Camp. Sometimes the recipients of your gift are forever affected and they don’t even know your name—and that’s fine.

Take a look around your organization and see with fresh eyes all the good works you and your team are supporting. At your next meeting, you might ask a simple question: “How many of you have given away your company’s products to someone in need?” I attended a meeting recently where that question was asked, and of the 300 networkers in the audience, nearly every single person their raised their hand.

Consider asking your team members to make a list of every organization and person they donated to this past year. Have each person share one item from their list. Everyone will leave the meeting with renewed respect and awe about those who choose our networking profession. Then send your stories to info@networkingtimes.com so we can report on your good works!

I so appreciate all the work our staff and faculty are doing here at Networking University. Talk about givers! Over one hundred faculty members are committed to building this profession by helping you. They donate their time and expertise to create the free webinars, and their only financial return is when you purchase one of their products.

Many people are looking for a new profession today. You are in a position to offer the gift you have discovered—the gift of network marketing. Collectively, our exceptional products and services coupled with relationship marketing positions us as the economy builders of the twenty-first century.

Pay forward the gift you have received by offering your networking opportunity. Networking University is here to help.

Remember, education changes everything!

Proud to be your Dean,

Glenn Head
Dean, Networking University