Living from the Inside Out
Financial peace is possible anytime, regardless of the amount of money we have. Our awareness of sufficiency frees up our focus to see opportunities for growing what we have. If we believe there is enough and are grateful for what we have, we feel empowered to contribute and serve the needs around us, which is always what increases our earning power.

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Words of Wisdom
Contemplations on debt, sufficiency and prosperity.

A panel of four guest commentators ponders the question, “What’s your one key to create financial peace?”

Is Your Bias Against Selling Killing Your Success?
Lenann McGookey Gardner
Successful sellers understand that the foundation of professional selling is trust, and they know how to create an atmosphere in which trust can grow. Since all the selling methods, tools and approaches in the world won’t help you much if you have a bias against selling, this article presents five steps to help you overcome your bias.

The True Leverage of Network Marketing
Art Jonak
Not every prospect is going to bring a massive increase in your bonus check. Many prospects won’t even join your program. However, a few prospects will join and could make you rich. The challenge is, you don’t know which prospects will produce the big bonus overrides. That’s why it pays not to prejudge prospects.

The Secret to Life Balance
Carol Ring
Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to choose between personal and work activities—between what you have to do and what you want to do? Fortunately, such an option does exist. You simply need to stop multi-tasking and start multi-purposing. With a small shift in your thinking, you can feel good and be productive in all areas of your life.

Escaping the Three Big Money Traps
Karen Russo is a banker, award-winning salesperson and corporate trainer with an MBA from Columbia (and a client list that includes Microsoft, Visa and Bank of America). Also an ordained minister, she wrote a book entitled The Money Keys and created an inspirational program for women called “Your Beautiful Spirit,” consistent with her belief that “wealthy and Godly” is not a contradiction in terms. “Karen Russo,” says Bob Proctor, the elder statesman of abundance teaching, “is a powerful and intelligent teacher who weaves together an unusual blend of business education with timeless spiritual truths.”

Decoding the Secret Language of Money
Dr. David Krueger worked for two decades as a psychoanalyst, served as CEO for two healthcare organizations, and has for the last decade been an executive mentor coach whose clients include multinational CEO’s, professional athletes and other prominent achievers. Author of multiple books, including the new release The Secret Language of Money, he has a unique perspective on the roles money plays in our lives. His approach integrates the insights of psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics and strategic coaching to help professionals and executives write the next chapter of their life or business stories.

The Pursuit of Happiness
Paul Devlin started his entrepreneurial path as a kid delivering newspapers and mowing lawns in his neighborhood. He always had a keen interest in making money and was typically the first kid on the block with the new bike or the latest stereo gear. When he started a network marketing business, he quickly built a solid income for himself and retired from a corporate job at the age of thirty-four. He’s been living the residual income lifestyle ever since. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing… At one point he realized his downline looked like Guatemala, with very few people making all the money and everyone else struggling. He set out to discover a different way of building a network marketing organization.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats
Jackie Ulmer is a highly successful Internet marketer, coach and network marketing trainer who built her business almost entirely through her online presence. A work-at-home mom for the past sixteen years, Jackie’s passion is to teach others how to develop relationships, how to choose the right opportunity, and exactly what it takes to develop multiple streams of income online—regardless of whether or not they join her network marketing business. She truly believes that when we are able to increase the number of success stories in any network marketing company, we all win.

Lead and Grow Rich
Jim and Sherry Packard and their two sons, Jeff and Adam, are a family of highly successful network marketing leaders. They started building their businesses about four years ago and each independently reached the top in their company’s pay plan. Jim, Jeff and Adam are also among an elite number of trainers who teach their company’s Treat ’Em Right Seminars around the country. Together the Packards are creating a family legacy of personal growth, leadership and lifestyle freedom that continues to bless thousands of distributors each year.

Recession? A Great Time to Recruit
Tom Hopkins
With any recruiting effort, you want to be certain the people you talk with, your product and you are a good match. While there are more people interested in network marketing these days, they’re not all cut out to succeed in it. You know what it takes to succeed: a belief in your product, a strong desire to help others, some selling skills and management ability. Take time to qualify people before signing them up in your business.

From “Met” to “Net”
Dean Lindsay
Networking is more than just chance meetings. Even if your BlackBerry is bursting with names, numbers and email addresses, it will not do you a bit of good unless you build the relationships. People do business with, as well as help, share information with, brainstorm with and give referrals to, those people they trust and value. They trust and value people who genuinely care about them and offer the promise of progress.

Stand Out—Part II
Dave Saunders
To build a powerful personal brand online, be authentic, relevant and consistent. Authenticity creates transparency and establishes a connection between you and your audience. Being relevant means you show your viewer, listener and reader that you’re interested in them and how you may be qualified to help them. Be consistent in every little step you take so your actions don’t contradict your values.

Life Is Like a Box of Tofu
John David Mann
“Money is like Zelig, or Forrest Gump, or Chance the Gardener…” Because money has no character of its own: it is a mirror-mirror on the wall, a movie screen onto which we project the desires and fears, prides and suspicions, hopes and ambitions that make up the stories in our heads.