John D. Mann/Mia Inderbitzin

“Stayyyy....stayyyyy...Oh, it’s no use! It still wants to jump out of my wallet! It wants to jump out and go buy something!"
“Steady, Dolores! It’s just testing your authority! It’s only money, Dolores— remember, you are the buck leader!"


by Mel Sevindik

6 Attachment, amity,
7 Aggregation, collection
8 Announce, proclaim,
10 Graceful, elegant
11 Amount of something produced
by cultivation or labor
12 Anticipation, outlook
17 Mode, fashion
18 Complex, elaborate
19 Test, trial
20 Compelled, binding

1 Reputation, renown
2 Distance that something is thrown
3 Indict, charge
4 Change, alter
5 Imprisonment, confinement
9 Allusion, mention
13 Self-esteem, vanity
14 Principal, chief
15 Experience, suffer
16 Satisfy

Puzzle Answers