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“I was caught in the myopia of ‘a customer for a day’ rather than a customer for life.”
Kevin Abt, founder of Takeout Taxi

Wow! This quote really grows on you if you understand network marketing—especially when sponsoring in the new economy.

How often are we short-sighted in our sponsoring efforts? How many times have you heard these statements:

Short-sighted? Saving money? Good business? Or, are these statements a reflection of a lack of understanding of our residual income business?

Let’s take a look at the power of network marketing. The real leverage generated is that we get paid today and tomorrow, for what we do today.

That’s right: we don’t collect all our bonus checks on our efforts right away. Today’s sponsoring activities yield rewards month after month after month.

For example, imagine you ran an ad for distributors in your local paper. You get twenty responses. You mail out a sponsoring CD, a company brochure, a cover letter and a product sample to your twenty responses. Yes, the cost starts adding up.

Then you spend time on follow-up phone calls, opportunity meetings at the local restaurant, and requests for more information and samples. Ouch! More money out of the family budget.

Finally, you get a call from one of your prospects requesting yet more samples, DVD’s and information. How do you respond?

Do you hang up on this freeloader?

Do you send the requested material?

Do you take more time to talk on the telephone?

Do you rub your lucky rabbit’s foot and hope this prospect turns into a network marketing leader?

How Network Marketing Leaders Get the Big Payoff

Let’s say you send the requested materials and your prospect joins. He got excited about the products, the professionalism of his sponsor (you) and the long-term income possibilities of network marketing.

The following month you earn a $5.67 bonus override on his business. Is that all you’ll earn? No. If $5.67 is all you would earn, you’d certainly rethink your policy of sending out free materials. Instead, your new distributor’s business will pay you month after month after month. That’s the real payoff in network marketing.

The second month, your prospect earns you $75 in bonus overrides. The picture gets a little better now, doesn’t it?

The third month, and every month thereafter, you earn $250 in bonus overrides. Now that’s the payoff we look for in our business.

If you earn $250 a month from this new distributor, how much is that over the course of one year? $3,000! That’s exciting. Does that $3,000 payoff justify a little patience, a little more follow-up and the cost of some product samples and postage? Certainly.

However, in network marketing your payoff doesn’t stop after twelve months. It continues for the balance of the life of the new business you develop by sponsoring a new distributor. How much would you collect in bonus overrides after ten years? $30,000! And that’s measuring the bonus override on only a modest organization. What if you sponsored someone who earns you $1,000 a month for ten years? That’s a $120,000 payoff!

Now, not every prospecting effort is going to pay off with massive bonus checks. Many prospects won’t even join your program. However, a few prospects will join and could make you rich beyond your wildest imagination.

The challenge is, you don’t know which prospects will produce the big bonus overrides. That’s why it pays not to prejudge prospects. Instead, give every prospect a fair chance to see the benefits of our wonderful business.

ART JONAK is a Networking University faculty
member, a successful network marketing leader and
widely respected trainer.

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