How do you build a financial fortress around yourself and your loved ones in network marketing while dealing with today’s financial and economic challenges? Here are five key ideas for creating financial peace:

1. Realize that this is your shot. Start with the intention of building a multimillion-dollar enterprise, knowing that there will be lots of presentations and duplication before the results reach your bank account. It takes time to build momentum.

2. Realize that momentum is built in stages. First, grow and support your local team through weekly meetings and a monthly meeting to organize the next month’s activities. Next, help your local group build your national group. Who on your team knows people in the next major city or state? Get fifteen to twenty people in that market, then go in for a kickoff event. Last, go global by finding out who has contacts in a country that your company just opened or will open soon.

3. Establish a daily method of operation. This is what your work day looks like. How many three-way calls did you schedule today? How many new prospects are you talking to daily about your product?

4. Assume responsibility for your financial peace. The most successful people in our profession don’t make excuses; they make things happen. Here are a few suggestions for leading in a responsible way:

5. Leaders are readers. When I was seventeen, my dad gave me my first self-development book, Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking. It was the first of thousands of books on personal and professional development I have read. Now, after many years in the trenches, I have shared my experiences in my first book, including how to earn a fortune and secure financial peace, no matter what the economic environment.

JOHN SOLLEDER is a successful network marketing leader and
author of
Moving Up: MLM Strategies for the 21st Century.