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Sample Course Descriptions of Upcoming Webinars:

MARK YARNELL: The Lotus Code—The Secret Path to Networking Wealth (Wednesday, September 2)
In this webinar you’ll learn about a 2500-year-old philosophy that is highly relevant to your networking business today. The Lotus Code path to success can be understood as a six-step process, each step working synergistically with the others. You will learn to change your thoughts, increase your ability to persevere through the challenges and develop perfect habits that will lead to your success. Once you master the Lotus Code you will work from a place of knowledge and awareness rather than merely experimentation and move forward with greater confidence and commitment.

RANDY GAGE: Growing an MLM Business in Today’s Economy (Wednesday, September 16)
In this powerful webinar, Randy Gage will reveal how you can grow your business in any economy, but especially a down or difficult economy. He’ll explore the conceptual issues such as how to brand your business, and the practical applications such as how you need to approach people, and what to include in your presentation. Times like these present certain challenges, yet offer even greater opportunities. Join Randy as he shares exactly how you can prosper in the New Economy.

RAMIN MESGARLOU: Forensic Prospecting (Wednesday, September 23)
Whether you are in sales or network marketing, you are in the highest paying profession in the world. These careers provide a real opportunity for an ordinary person to accomplish extraordinary results. The challenge is most people find sales or marketing difficult because they struggle in getting others interested in their products or business concept. In this Webinar, Ramin Mesgarlou will share three steps you can use instantly to optimize your prospecting results.

DALE CALVERT: How to Answer Every MLM Objection You Ever Receive (Wednesday, September 30)
In this Webinar Dale Calvert will present a specific word-for-word, step-by-step system that will teach you how to effectively answer every business objection you ever receive. You will learn why closing prospects is always a waste of time and why you should never attempt to close anyone. Dale will show you how to be as productive and profitable in your business as you possibly can.


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FREE Live Webinar Schedule

September/October 2009

09/02 W
Mark Yarnell
The Lotus Code—The Secret Path to Networking Wealth
09/09 W
Sandy Botkin
Why Having a Home-Based Business Makes so Much Dollars and Sense
09/16 W
Randy Gage
Growing an MLM Business in Today’s Economy
09/23 W
Ramin Mesgarlou
Forensic Prospecting
Dale Calvert
Generating Leads Online with the Right
Lead-Capture Page
10/07 W
Rich Fenton & Andrea Waltz
Reprogram How You Think about “No” to Achieve Outrageous Results
10/14 W
Karen Phelps
Home Parties—Offering Opportunity and Community in a Challenging Economy
10/21 W
Todd Falcone
Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals
10/28 W
MJ Durkin
Selling from the Heart

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