Everything’s a Mess—All Is Well
No one likes adversity: it forces us to wake up and change course. Yet life and human existence are about transformation. Life is a gift, learning is the challenge, evolving is the purpose. When we learn to welcome challenges, knowing that all is well, we uncover hidden treasures yearning for expression.

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Words of Wisdom
Contemplations on overcoming opposition and failure.

A panel of four guest commentators ponders the question, “What is the upside of adversity?”

Igniting the Leadership Spark
Kelly Wissink
How do we turn our followers into leaders? The answer emerges from this observation: team members follow in the steps of their leaders. Recognizing where you are on the leadership continuum is the first step to attracting more leaders onto your team; making changes for yourself and your team takes time, patience and determination.

The True Meaning of Residual Income
Art Jonak
Creating a retirement income through a network marketing business is an attractive option for most people. Ask prospects how much money they need monthly to retire comfortably, then show them exactly what they need to do in their network marketing business to earn that income over the next five years.

Increase Your Trust Factor
Dan Burrus
Trust is the glue that holds our net-enabled knowledge economy together. In order to foster trust in your organization, survey customers and associates about trust, and make adjustments based on the feedback. Increasing trust will deepen your relationships. This will allow you to bring about change faster and more effectively, and to improve your business results.

What Women Want
Dr. Rhonda Savage
Economic hardship has changed the way we are spending our dollars. Since women control the majority of household spending, it pays to learn to treat them exceptionally well. If you don’t meet the needs of your female customers, they will leave you. If you just meet their needs, they’ll stay. If you exceed their needs, they will refer their friends, family and colleagues.

An Impossible Dream
Johan Bruyneel is the winningest team leader in cycling history. In 1998, this former professional cyclist from Belgium looked a struggling rider and cancer survivor straight in the eye and said, “Look, if we’re going to ride the Tour, we might as well win.” Johan became the mastermind behind the success of the world’s most celebrated cycling champion, Lance Armstrong, and together they seized a record seven straight Tour de France victories. Johan shares his insights into winning on the road, in business and in life.

Transforming Our Emotions
Dr. Judith Orloff passionately believes that we have the power to transform negative emotions into positive energy, regardless of the circumstances we face. At a time when an epidemic of fear is sweeping the planet, it is no surprise that her recent book Emotional Freedom became an overnight New York Times bestseller. Dr. Orloff shows readers how to turn away from negativity, react constructively and seize command of any situation. She also shows how emotional freedom can turn around our businesses and shift our global economy.

Finding Balance within the Roller Coaster
If you’ve ever experienced disappointment or disease, betrayal or bereavement, rejection or reversal of fortunes, then John Castagnini has a message for you. John is the creator of the Thank God I… book series, seminars and online community dedicated to the proposition that all events are perfect, even if they don’t always feel perfect at the time, and that adversity can be a doorway to inspired living. A prolific author, poet, musician, teacher and entrepreneur, John also speaks frequently to audiences of network marketers about rejection and how to find balance in the emotions of building a business.

Lessons from the Military
Alan Sickman started his network marketing business while he was winding down a highly successful military career. His military experience provided him with the perfect preparation for what lay ahead: he brought to his new business personal discipline, an impeccable work ethic, and an ability to serve in leadership positions and build cohesive teams. Alan built his business exclusively through his warm market, connecting with others he knew and recognized as potential leaders. His personal recipe for success: treat others the way you want to be treated; don’t overpromise or nurture false expectations; believe, commit and support others.

The Promise of the Business
Ramin Mesgarlou was a very successful businessman by age nineteen and also a supremely accomplished athlete. At the age of twenty he joined a network marketing business and became the youngest person ever to reach the second-highest rank of that company’s pay plan. In the years since, he has been a master distributor for three other networking companies, created compensation plans and written two practical guides to the business. Today he serves as CEO of a network marketing company he founded in 2005.

It’s All in the Attitude
Andrea Nierenberg
As you work with others in your downline or network, you need to help them internalize a sense of loyalty to their customers, a loyalty that comes from relationship marketing. This gives your team a positive attitude that can get them through most situations—no matter how challenging. Applying some simple tactics will allow you to develop a consistent positive attitude and build loyalty with customers and team members alike.

Selling: The Truth about Success
Douglas Smith
Success in selling isn’t about just working harder, having a great attitude or being born a winner. Why do some salespeople rise to the top while others sink to the bottom or bob somewhere in between? It takes many different ingredients to be highly successful in the profession of selling: be in it for the long run, take risks, invest in yourself, align with top clients, be stingy with your time, know your field and make sure to have fun.

Stand Out—Part I
Dave Saunders
The Internet makes it easier than ever to build an audience of people who share your passions and follow you, because of the value you create with your presence and the content you share. Establishing one’s personal brand and exposing an authentic personality online is something anyone can do. More importantly, you can use your brand to increase sales and retain your existing business.

To Break or to Bend
John David Mann
Adversity can deepen character, but sometimes it simply damages character. Faced with difficulty that feels too great to bear, the human being has two choices: break, or bend. In the breaking, we simply become bitter; in the bending, we are humbled and stretched.