What is the secret for doing what truly fulfills you and making lots of money doing it? Most people today are still searching for that elusive formula.

Ernest D. Chu’s transformational book demonstrates in a clear way how we can open to the flow of abundance and fulfillment by focusing on our inner wealth—traits such as integrity, generosity, imagination, love and intuition. Chu calls these often overlooked traits our soul currency, a term that refers to both a medium for exchanging value (similar to money) and the circulation of a spiritual force in our lives, a force that bridges the material world of finance and the invisible world of spirit.

“We tend to be most familiar with financial capital,” says Chu, “but spiritual capital is the source of all capital in our material world. Well before anyone invests money into a company or a business, they have invested thought, intention and focus. They have applied their imagination, ability to envision outcomes and other spiritual assets.”

When we become aware of our spiritual assets and learn how to apply them to the material world, we are able to tap into a limitless flow of energy that has tremendous income potential. Chu explains how to recognize and let go of any “counterfeit currency”—our fears and limiting beliefs—that holds us back. He then shows how to identify your own soul currency and use it to create your personal “adventureprise,” incorporating the adventure of life with the enterprise of your soul.

“Entrepreneurs often see themselves as simply working for themselves to grow a business starting from an idea or a product,” says Chu. “Adventurepreneurs are spiritual entrepreneurs who use the co-creative laws of the Universe with their intention, attention and vast inner wealth. They know how to invest this inner wealth, which becomes the most powerful form of capital there is.”

One of the principles Chu advocates as the foundation for a successful adventureprise is “Be Unattached to How It Looks.” Chu gives network marketing as an example and calls it “adventureprise in a box,” because it allows for participation in a community and the opportunity to grow personally. He recommends that people use their intuition to evaluate which company to join and whether helping others change their lives as part of a community resonates with their soul. He believes the networking profession can be a great way to work through issues related to prosperity, deservingness and wholeness while making money in the process. He warns that results often come only after there’s been a shift in consciousness.

A former stock broker and CFO of several large corporations, Chu writes from his own experience of using the principles he teaches: “When we finally learn to invest our spiritual capital without conditions,” says Chu, “we build a life that brings not only material wealth but also fulfillment and a deep sense of purpose.”

Hardcover, 260 pages, $22.95;
New World Library, 2008