Flunking Out at the School of Hard Knocks
July-August Cartoon

John D. Mann/Mia Inderbitzin

“Let’s see … happy childhood, good neighborhood, well connected family, excelled in high
school sports, that superbly written Admissions essay — and then of course there’s
the exemplary record of academic performance. I’m sorry, Mr. Farnsworth,
I just don’t see that we have any choice but expulsion.”

by Mel Sevindik

1 Gain, win
6 Common, usual
7 Diverse, varied
8 Conduct
9 Bright, brilliant
11 Try, seek
13 Profitable, advantageous
15 Acknowledge, confess
16 Fixed, clear
18 Excessive, extravagant
19 Even, flat
20 Submit, yield

2 Consider, deem
3 fit, adapt
4 Eager, enthusiastic
5 Influence, touch
10 Supplement, adjunct
12 Prerogative
14 Stick, cling
17 Footprint, trail

Puzzle Answers