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Do you realize the value of your network marketing business goes up when interest rates go down? Even if you are only making a few hundred dollars a month in residual income, think of how much money you would need to have in the bank to earn the same amount in interest.

Are you disappointed because you only make, say, $200 a month in residual income? Think again! In order to earn $200 per month, you would need $24,000 in the bank if the interest rates were at 10 percent.

When interest rates drop to 5 percent, you need $48,000 to receive the same $200 per month. Yes, what some would consider a measly $200 network marketing check could be considered a $48,000 asset! Sure makes you think twice about being disappointed with a $200 monthly residual check.

Here’s how to use this to your advantage. Ask your prospect this question:

“How much money do you need monthly to retire comfortably?”

Then show your prospect how much capital he would need, at today’s interest rate, to earn his desired monthly income.

Here are two examples:

Imagine your prospect says he needs $2,000 a month to retire. With the help of a calculator, you show him that to earn $2,000 in interest a month, he would need to have $400,000 in the bank—assuming an interest rate of 6 percent.

Let’s say another prospect needs $5,000. She would need to have $1,000,000 (one million) in the bank at a 6 percent interest rate.

One million is a big number for most prospects. Once they recover from their shock, seal the deal with this question:

“What’s your plan to accumulate this money?”

To drive the point home, you could ask, “How much money would you need to save every month, over the next five years, to save $1 million?” (The answer: $16,000 per month, after all your expenses.)

Most networkers can take it from here. They can show their prospects exactly what they need to do in their network marketing business to earn $5,000 a month in income over the next five years. In most cases, this would be a much more realistic plan than saving $16,000 a month.

Creating a retirement income through a network marketing business is an attractive option for most people. Never mind the banks, let’s invest in each other!


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