I always questioned the saying, “Every cloud has a silver lining,” until I personally experienced its truth—in a big way.

In 1993 I went on sick leave due to stress from my government job. About the same time, my husband Keith was laid off. Then my mother told us her breast cancer was back and she was not going to treat it. She lived with us for about three years, and then decided for her last couple of months to go to Dallas to be with my daughter, Heather, and my sister. Toward the end, Keith and I went down to be with her and help Heather and my sister.

Being both out of work, Keith and I had joined a little network marketing company. We had fallen in love with the business concept but did not know how to select the right company. We were close to broke.

Mother died in February 1997. Then the unthinkable happened: on our way home from her funeral, we saw Heather’s car in front of us hit by another car that came flying over the hill. Moments later, our only child was dead at our feet. We were in shock. The driver of that speeding car was drunk—and had just killed all our hopes and dreams.

We now had to mourn two family members and somehow survive. We headed home to Denver and started our healing process with the help of some good friends. We were making $1,000 a month from our network marketing business. We were unable to work, spending our days in counseling, meeting with attorneys and insurance agents, and getting support from MADD.

Four months after the accident, we were about to lose our home. We needed to decide what to do: find jobs or get serious about building a network marketing business. We looked at different companies and decided to build our business with our friend’s new company. We made a list of all the people we knew and got to work, making three-way calls for days on end.

Three months later, our monthly income had risen to over $3,000, enough to hold the wolves at bay. We were coachable and worked consistently, and by helping others we lifted ourselves out of our pain and depression.

By 2003 we were making over $200,000 a year. Thanks to international expansion and a new product our business continued to grow. Today we are debt-free, making an amazing income from our home in the mountains of Colorado.

Thanks to the adversity we experienced, we were forced to make clear choices and set new goals. As a result, we created a completely new life for ourselves. Often when we go places where Heather would have liked to travel, I can hear her in my head saying “Way to go, Mom! I knew network marketing was the greatest gift for you. Thank you for choosing this wonderful profession so I can enjoy the rewards with you.”

successful network marketing leader.