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Sample Course Descriptions of Upcoming Webinars:

DEAN LINDSAY: 4 Steps to Priceless Business Relationships (Wednesday, July 1)
You can’t achieve your best in network marketing without learning the all-important art of connecting. Dean Lindsay’s CODE presentation, based on his best selling business book Cracking the Networking CODE, is filled with fresh insights and practical tips on how to build meaningful, profitable, win-win relationships. Whether you have a black belt in business growth through connecting or are completely new to the concept, you will enjoy Dean’s humorous yet highly practical approach to meeting, connecting and developing long-term business relationships.

MJ DURKIN: Penetrating the Electronic Barbed Wire (Wednesday, July 8)
In the good old days, the main selling challenge was securing a face-to-face appointment. Today, technology has allowed prospects to erect an electronic barbed wire around themselves to prevent you from reaching them live. The networkers who will succeed and excel in the next several years will be the ones who acquire and develop the skills of leaving messages that compel prospects to return their calls. This Webinar will teach you why traditional sales messages don’t work on voice mails, four absolutes for getting return calls, the “escalation” technique and much more.

STEVE McCANN: Client-Conscious Prospecting in a Changing Economy (Wednesday, July 29)
Self-conscious fear is what holds us back from contacting someone who could clearly benefit from our product. This Webinar will help you cultivate the attitude to prospect anyone, anywhere, anytime, in any market segment. By applying three practical tips to your business you will learn how to break through fear-based behavior and achieve the freedom to play on the most valuable playing fields with the highest rewards.

DOUG FIREBAUGH: The Ten Biggest Mistakes Made in MLM Recruiting Today (Wednesday, August 26)
There are ten mistakes made in network marketing recruiting that few, if any, talk about. It costs our profession hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue every year. This Webinar will unveil these ten huge mistakes people make every day without knowing. It will show you how to correct and change them so they will no longer impede your business.

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FREE Live Webinar Schedule

July-August 2009

07/01 W
Dean Lindsay
4 Steps to Priceless Business Relationships
07/08 W
MJ Durkin
Penetrating the Electric Barbed Wire
07/15 W
Wendy Weiss
Prospect, Profit, Prosper
07/22 W
Mark Fourniér
Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: Self-Help ME
07/29 W
Steve McCann
Client-Conscious Prospecting in a Changing Economy
08/05 W
Mark Helsel
How to Have an Endless Supply of Leads and Turn Them into Money
08/12 W
Dave Saunders
How to Reap an Endless Supply of Business Online
08/19 W
Andrea Nierenberg
Everyday Networking Strategies to Make Your Sales Sizzle
08/26 W
Doug Firebaugh
The Ten Biggest Mistakes Made in MLM Recruiting Today

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