If you’ve ever experienced disappointment or disease, betrayal or bereavement, rejection or reversal of fortunes, then John Castagnini has a message for you. John is the creator of the Thank God I… book series (Thank God I: Short Stories of Inspiration for Every Situation, Vol. I and II), seminars and online community (www.thankgodi.com) dedicated to the proposition that all events are perfect, even if they don’t always feel perfect at the time, and that adversity can be a doorway to inspired living. A prolific author, poet, musician, teacher and entrepreneur, John also speaks frequently to audiences of network marketers about rejection and how to find balance in the emotions of building a business. — J.D.M.

How did you come to this study or this issue or this practice of balancing emotions?

My degree is in biology. I went to chiropractic school. My studies have been in the areas of physics, and I had been studying Eastern philosophy and the world’s religions for a long time, seeking to understand the great laws governing our universe. I looked for them in philosophy, theology, quantum physics and all different areas. I wanted to understand how the universe worked.

There are a few laws we have found to be consistent. One of these is the first law of thermodynamics, which says that energy and matter cannot be created or destroyed, they just change form.

In fact, we perceive that everything is constantly changing from form to form.

The Taoist concept of the yin and the yang, which dates back to Confucianism, says the universe is made up of complementary opposites. There’s the feminine side, the masculine side, the good side, the bad side. And inside each of these complementary sides there’s a tiny little dot that represents the opposite, the significance of which is that the seed of one is creating the other.

So there’s this dance going on between opposite polarities, and this understanding goes back for thousands of years.

Within my own life, it became clear to me that there are also complementary-opposite emotions. There’s happiness and sadness, peacefulness and warfulness, we experience highs and lows—and these opposites create one another.

This is the cycle of life: we go up, we go down, and up, and down.

In network marketing people often experience this as rejection and acceptance.

I wanted to see if it was possible to control how fast we go through a cycle, so that we could balance out our highs and lows to maintain what is often referred to as the middle road or middle path.

I discovered that whenever we are able to balance out these highs and lows, we pass through a state of...