Why do some network marketers attract leaders to their businesses, while others attract mostly followers?

By “leaders” I mean associates who do everything their coaches teach them to do, and more.

By “followers” I mean people who listen to their coaches, attend every call and use the system but remain average in their performance, following in the shadow of their leaders rather than developing their own leadership talents and skills. They go about their business saying, “Some day, I will be just like her!” But they won’t, because they lack drive and persistence. It isn’t about their upline, it’s about their inner line—their line of thinking.

What can we do to attract more leaders? How do we turn our followers into leaders? The answer emerges from this observation: team members follow in the steps of their leaders.

What are you doing to grow your leaders? Is this even possible?

You have the ability to plant seeds in each new team member. These seeds can either grow or wither, depending on the soil (the mindset of the team member), how much water and fertilizer they receive (the tools, system and training you offer) and the sunlight (your availability and encouragement), which spurs their growth. You can create an environment which allows your leaders to bloom—but you can’t force anyone to grow.

Leaders who plant gardens that grow leaders have a strong sense of self and believe in their ability, skills and approach to succeed.

If a leader struggles with following each new trend that comes along and cares more about what others think of him than what he believes to be true, what type of leaders will emerge from his team?

If a leader is passionate, leading the charge to change, blazing a trail and staying true to her dreams and vision, you will see other leaders...